5.2 Response to Film: Her, by Spike Jonze

During the film screening today, I want you to *make* a lot of notes.  In specific, I want you to:

A. write down words you don’t recognize (to be worked on in your Word Play Glossary)

B. write down the key narrative elements of the film: who are the main characters? ¬†Where and when does the film take place‚ÄĒthat is, what clues indicate the film’s setting? what’s the central¬†action/conflict/transformation that takes place?

C. describe in detail one scene that you like, and explain why you like it.  Some questions to consider:
—-when in the film does the scene take place (beginning, middle, or end) and what is going on immediately before this scene happens (context)?
—-how is the scene shot (from what points of view)? ¬†what is the lighting like? ¬†what does the set/background look like? ¬†what do the characters look like?
—-what action goes down in this scene? ¬†what, if anything, gets said?

By Thursday, post your responses to B and/or C in a reply to this post.