2.2 Your Online Identities

Briefly summarize your different online “identities.”  Be sure to include all the different social media platforms you’ve ever used—Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.—as well as any other games and/or forums you’ve participated in online.

Then describe in detail one particular “identity”/account you’ve used the most.  Don’t worry–you don’t have to include the name/handle of your online identity if you don’t want to.  Just describe how you use the account, what you use it for, the kinds of characters you interact with using this identity, and also how it compares to your identity/”self” in real life.

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  1. In the past with every game I played I would only have one alias. His name was “elite” everyone I played with would simply call me that. I was usually the one to help out whoever asked or just straight up carry people in a game but I would never get carried no matter the situation. As for social media, I don’t use much these days about just facebook once every few months or so if someone has a birthday or it’s my own. But everywhere else besides social media the name “elite” would follow me. NO matter the game or place it was me in a sense that it was just a different me. No matter where I was online I would still try to be true to myself as much as possible and not someone I’m not. As time went on meeting all those I’ve met about a handful stay dear to me and there still being one I talk to today. Although that name evolved to “eliteo” I still stand by that name as myself and not straying away from who I am, someone who will help you with whatever you need if you really wanted it. I just use it as a means of something to refer me too whenever I’m in a game or something that’s social media but not (i.e something along the lines of roleplaying). Talking to anyone who wants to approach I’ll be nice to you and help you where ever I can but if you choose to be mean or disrespect out of line I’ll give you the same treatment. In a sense no matter how you look at it I’ts still the me you’d meet anywhere else if you wished to approach I’ll treat you the same way I would if it were any other location or online.

  2. My interest in things like social media trends and games comes and go. For now, I don’t have any game on my phone and I got burned out of video games. I use Facebook mostly for the updates on advancements in science and also I follow some inspirational entrepreneurs such as GaryVee, Grant Cardone etc. My Instagram, however, is full of soccer teams and players. I hardly post anything on them, as I use them as a channel to get information, instead of posting my photos and receiving feedback. Snapchat is however somewhat opposite; I use it to share my day(which depends on my mood) as well as to keep up with all of my friends. My profile on any of the social media does not clearly represent me or to be more precise: it does not represent the latest me. I have played games on my phone and have spent countless hours trying to be better and reach the top but at the end of the day, it wasn’t much of a reward. I am satisfied from how I use my phone and Internet now. And I think I have transformed my usage to a better content.

  3. In the recent week’s I’ve found myself devoting my free time to Tumblr, Snapchat and Facebook. My identity when it comes to Tumblr would be described as a more positive and motivational persona. Intrigued to help others behind a black mirror, in anyway possible.My Tumblr identity would have to be a negative free, enthusiastic and confident ego that I wish to carry. I’m a positive person with realistic outlooks of life.Therefor when I’m on Tumblr real life tends to not exist. Day to day updates, fashion forward and a food loving identity is whom consumes my Snapchat. I carry out a perfect scenery of what I would love to see on other people’s story. The identity for Snapchat is a more so perfect one, or at least attempts to pursue one. As facebook comes to play, so does my titles of being a student a hardworking niece, daughter and granddaughter comes to field. My identity on Facebook emphasizes on real time life updates. To my close friends and family I’m no longer Nathaly I’m much more than that, I’m Natalia. Natalia is by far the most goodie two shoes as if she would never commit any mistakes. Mistakes don’t exist on Facebook. The identity that carries out on my Facebook is precocious, especially of what is being posted, whether if its my religious beliefs or what political parties I support. Natalia A L W A Y S double check what is being posted on her wall so she doesn’t offend an aunt or two.

  4. Identity, the word Identity when I hear that word, I wonder Who am I?, I wonder what I want to become? I wonder am I a successful person? Do I love myself? How did I overcome the word “obstacles” as life will describe.?
    I had a few accounts in my life since AOL was 1st out and your mom use to tell you to get off the internet because you was blocking the phone line LOL. Back then my name was Scrappy lol. I got that name because I was bad growing up lol always fighting smh. Then twitter came out but when twitter came out it wasn’t popular at all really, my name on there was HBIC. I swore back then nobody could tell me nothing, i still had that negative mindset. I was not big on twitter because I didn’t know how it work really so I didn’t use it much. but lets not forget the infamous MYspace i defiantly enjoyed that profile. It was nice because you was able to change your profile up put pictures, meet new people as well. It was dope to see who had the popping background. Then of course facebook came out by then my name change to SoExclusive, I still stick to that name to this day. That Identity I gave myself was when I became older and started valuing myself in this world. When I came to realize I don’t need nobody approval, that I don’t need to dress like everybody in the latest gear. I built my own style I built ME. The word Identity for me means, I love myself enough to not care about your opinion, I love myself enough because your judgement cant define me, I love myself enough to know what ever I do is for me and not for you. Identity is You!

  5. Endless possibilities, the interwebs is a place where can be ANYTHING. I’m not big on social media besides having instagram for memes. Ive also played on a game about wizards which is intended for 10 year olds but you wouldn’t believe it if I told you how many teens are on that game. You can also learn allot from games, like how I learned what a “Thot” meant. And the thing with internet is that you can “escape” whenever you want unlike reality. Don’t wanna talk to someone? delete them/block them, too many other players hating you? Make a new identity! Thats what I always do when I troll on games. After all we use the internet to escape reality, so why not just have fun

  6. I myself am not on any social media nor do I have the desire to join any but if you were to look on my computer, you would get an understanding of all of my likes. Even my gmail username is the combination of my favorite with of the Harry Potter books and my favorite female mutant from the X Men comics. My online identity speaks a lot about me without giving the full detail. I use my identity to enjoy the things I love, as a way to escape life’s stressors and have some fun, then leaving the internet world to actually enjoy life.

  7. in the past months, or even years, I have been using only one social media app to communicate with my family and friends. Although it isn’ much exciting as using Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, Whatsapp have been the only app which I use to connect with others. It is a much more professional, and I use it to send messages images, audios, and videos. In there I have built an identity that is very family oriented and friendly. How do I do so? beside the way I interact, I do so by having a profile picture that is both friendly and professional. Not that I really care about what my friends and family think of it, I do so to build an image of myself, which I will carry on with me in whatever website or app, which I might use in the future. To conclude my WhatsApp identity is very similar to me in real life

  8. Throughout the year I found myself adjusting to new forms of social media from what I first started with. In the beginning which was way back in years I started off with a Oovoo and a KiK. Oovoo allowed me to text,videochat, and audio call my friends and even have group calls. While kik allowed me to text and have group conversations. As time went by and I Was getting older I started to see what the new wave was on what everyone was using.
    So I made a Instagram. posting on it almost all the time while scrolling through my newsfeed, watching videos about different things like makeup, animals, and day’s. High school came a lot of family started to add me and watch and comment on all my post so I drifted away from Instagram didn’t really use it anymore. I deleted all my photos and didn’t post on it until June this year. So 2013 I made a Facebook and it turned out to be one of the best social medias for me. It had messenger attached to video chat, text, and audio call, I could go live, and put up post and pictures whenever I felt.
    I was on it almost everyday posing and uploading pictures having my friends and family like and love my pics. Facebook was my go to, I found out new things on there, I seen what my friends and family were up to anything it was there. Because Facebook for me was mostly for me being free to post what I want and about my friends and I didnt think so much about my family on it. There were some family members that added me that I never excepted but for the ones that I did have they were being says and criticizing what I put up. like my mom doesn’t have Facebook and my dad has one one but he doesn’t use it someone of my family members would send my pictures to my mom or dad talking about it.
    But there were some family members that like me expressing myself like my cousins, brother, sisters, and some aunts. Years past in high school and people thought they should handle there drama on Facebook so I stoped using Facebook for a while deleted some post and pictures and was only using It to scroll through my newsfeed and talk on messenger. Now its all about snapchat!. I can post what ever I feel pictures videos don’t matter and it has the same features as the other apps its just a little more secret your comments go only to the person you want to see it and if they do anything like save or screenshot snap tells you. and my favorite is the new filters my fav now is the hearts over the head. But yea I just noticed I wrote a lot so to sum it up I love snap I use it all the time and for the other apps sorry they’ve been declined with a exception for Instagram and Facebook even tho I don’t post on them.

  9. I have had many different names, on many different social media site and video games. On all social media sites I portray myself as a kid from the Bronx that loves to help others out and have fun. I don’t really hold back on anything that I have to say or anything that I want to post about what I’m doing because I don’t add any family members on social media. I tend to post things that make people laugh or make them want to comment on it. On the other hand when it comes to my gaming identities I usually go for something that makes me sound like a pro at whatever I’m doing ( which i am). But even though it is just a game I love helping others when I can because if I was in the same situation I would love for someone who’s good at whatever game it is to help me, so I just help those who need it.

  10. My online identities, to some it’s just the internet, but to me, it’s like a whole new world where you can be whatever you want to be without the judgmental thoughts of others toward you. I got several online identities my social media are on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. On Facebook I’m quiet most of the time, posting photos and looking at videos and an occasional friendly chat with strangers and friends. The ladies seem to be more attracted to my Instagram account there I would get random messages some of which I would entertain, the others just ignored. From Instagram, the conversations tend to lead to Snapchat where things get even more exciting.

  11. I have never had multiple online personalities, and usually just put my name and act as normal. I use Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and just use my normal name as a username. I used to use Facebook, but I don’t use it anymore. On the gaming side, I just use my normal name as a username on Playstation and Xbox. I use my Instagram the most so I will use that as a example but all of my social media is similar. On Instagram, I like to interact with friends from the past and some family members. Its a good way to catch up with people you may not be able to see. I like to post on my personal interests, mostly about the New York Mets, just like how I talk about them in real life. I like to keep my social media similar to myself.

  12. There really is not much to state about my online identity because when i am on social media its usually facebook or snapchat to look at the funny things that people are doing. Like yeah there may be a case or two that i do post but it would be a new picture of myself just so i would not be so “basic” to others. For example i would take a picture with new clothes on and in a new angle or lighting so i could stand out in my picture. I usually encounter that my facebook or snapchat pictures look better than me in person so i would be called a “catfish” lol. The social account that i use the most would be my playstation account which shows me as a hardcore gamer but usually I dont have time to play anymore because i am busy working or attending to marines training. Rather than that when i am on I am seen as a “G.O.A.T” to my friends in fighting games because im exceptionally great in fighting games such as “Tekken7” and “Marvel vs Capcom 3.” Compared to my actual life though my gamer and social media identities are 100 percent different because in person you would not think i am someone to spend so much effort in games to actually get good in it or spend an awful amount of time in gaming period. I usually encounter people online that play competitively in tournaments and i get offers to join but that is not my scenery to be at. Overall the people that i do meet and that i do consider my friends online we do have great and funny conversations to the point that we forget the time. Over all my online identity and my self in real life are two different people i am more seldom and more conposed in person rather than an out going person like i am online.

  13. In certain apps of social media I have a different image for each one. For instance the apps I use the most is Facebook,snapchat,and Instagram for Facebook I keep a reserved image not to mention my family is the strict type and one to judge people’s post, so I rather not go through there judgments and keep myself quiet and antisocial. On Snapchat I am myself I feel like my self because 10 second videos or pictures fade away quickly; which means the next day no one will really remember what you posted or what you said plus they won’t have evidence to back it up because you can’t save someones picture without knowing (so you can post anything you want). Instagram I have a reserved but outgoing it’s like a casual mature image type, I don’t like posting personal stuff because I feel like it’s too much for followers to handle and also because I rather take pictures of fun stuff only, and for some odd reason I feel like pictures that are being posted on Instagram have to be prepared (like if it where a photoshoot). The three social medias that I use don’t show a crazy or a lousy behavior, but a mature side where I respect everyones opinions and post.

  14. If I were to really think about my online personalities, they are more reserved then myself in reality. With my facebook for example, I haven’t posted a status on there since January. I’ll post a photo every once in a while but that’s about it. It’s not that I consciously don’t post, it’s just that i don’t see the point in posting my thoughts because i don’t really care what other people post. I keep my facebook because i like to watch the funny videos that pop up every once in a while. My instagram is the same, I keep it just for the explorer page. My tumblr and snapchat are the most like myself. On tumblr I can reblog anything and it’s cool because it’s only for me and a couple people to see. I use my Snapchat to flex what my friends and I are up to. Especially since Snapchat shows you who watches your story and the stalkers that you don’t have added. I enjoy it the most out of all of them.

  15. I stopped using social media for several different reasons. The main one being that I remember more of my actual life when I’m not on social media but during my time on social media I was completely trying to be myself because that’s what I wanted my page to be. Simply me. When I saw or detected any deviation or desire for said deviation from that intended plan I took a break. I notice it tends to consume people’s actual life; in the sense where the perception they wanted to give off from an alter ego disguised as themselves dictates their desires in life. This includes activities, clothes, products, tools, food, money, etc. It becomes a showcase of what they believe is the best looking moment from a picture to a simple status update blatantly bragging about what they’re doing. Sometimes topped off with a location tag to tell u where. In reality it’s the closest they could get to their idea of grandiose activities or a lifestyle they’re striving for. In terms of “windows”, social media sculpts “RL” rather than the other way around.

  16. My social identity is just the ordinary I’ll post when I feel the tendency to. I never really been active on social media Facebook, Snapchat instagram are just something to do to pass time I always try to stay away from it cause you get so wrap up you don’t really catch yourself. Me and my brothers always try to go out more and leave our phone at home, we know how it feels to be glued at your phone stuck on your phone screen. So we try best to avoid it and do things you realize you can do other fun things when you put your phone down for a bit. I never really been the type to play games or anything like that going outside is much better.

  17. To be honest social media allow for people to go online and make false identities for themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are people out there that copy it real with themselves . I use snapchat and facebook and on both account I make my profiles represent me. Snap chat is were I do streaks with my friends on daily bases. I use social media to have fun and to interact with people anytime I want. I think social media help communication around the world.

  18. Projectk25,
    The infamous Xbox user name I have for my self. My Xbox is everything to me so my account would be too. I play a lot of online games so for all I know I might have fans from the U.K. to France because we don’t know who we are playing for , against or with because we all play behind a username. I am a very social person online because I’ll be chatting while we are playing the game, I don’t know these people but we talk and sometimes have really great conversations. This one time I met a fellow Jamaican and he was just telling about his journey from home to here and that’s to show that sometimes if we know we are protected by a username we tend to do certain things or say things that we wouldn’t have the courage to do. It’s like me in reality because I’m very shy but if I find a sense of comfort the shyness goes away.
    On facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, I normally keep it professional due to some of my friends being old bosses and co workers. In all, I think we have more courage to say things behind a online indentitiy.

  19. When it comes to the different platforms on social media. I would have to say I have used most if not all. The first and most important thing you need is an email. I set out my first one when I was about 7. With this email I would start playing online games like balloon tower defense and other online games. The first social media account that I made and used was Facebook, I was 9 years old. I still use the same account from way back. I then expanded my horizons to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. My parents would closely monitor my online activities, this made my online identities the same as, I am in real life. right now I don’t really use Facebook much and I am mostly on Instagram creating and sharing memes. I have around 500 followers and they are mostly people I know, and some of my favorite celebrities. These are my online identities, although they don’t really differ much from how I am in real life; the experience I gain from the things I do, and see online helps me grow and become a better person in the real world.

  20. Online identities are very interesting, it’s very easy for most people to go onto the internet and change persona’s in a jiffy. It’s easy for many people to hide behind a screen and open up about things they aren’t brave enough for. Although i guess it doesn’t apply to myself all through out Snap, FB and IG it seems i’m the same “Shar” However i have met numerous people on forums and such who cling to a very unrealistic persona on forums and such. This might be because people generally hold much stronger feelings online where its harder to be confronted.

  21. I would say there is not much to say about my online identities. I have had use my name and the year I was born as my username for almost all of my social media platforms. Normally, I only use apps such as facebook and instragam to keep in touch with my friends. For most of times, I don’t like posting moments and stuff. I would say I am always the quietist person online. However, compared to the real life’s identity I’m the type of the person who likes to have fun and party.

  22. Haha I’d say I have numerous online identities. I have 2 facebook accounts I use. One entirely for my family and friends I’ve made throughout middle school and high school. The second one is the one I’ve used more often because that is the facebook I can use to post certain things I wouldn’t normally post on the other one. Also, my first facebook account carries my real name, meanwhile my second facebook account goes by the name the cockroach translated in spanish. My second facebook account consists of old friends, new friends, and people I’ve communicated with from other parts of the world. I also use instagram and snapchat and what not but meh it isn’t all that.

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