Graphic Design Principles 1

Project #5: Transparency


A project where we had to create the illusion of transparency using paints.I honestly had some difficulty because i was not familiar with gouache but i did enjoy painting! We chose colors that weren’t too dark or too similar to each other. I had to create multiple sketches until one was approved.  We first did a exercise where she would call out a couple of shapes and we had to draw them anywhere on the little box provided. This is considered the first sketch then we built up off of this sketch until you see the final gouache painting.

Projects #4: Spots


3 Variables: direction, size, distance
5 Variables: Proportion, Density, Direction, Size, Interval
7 Variables: Size, Distance, Direction, Scale, Density, Proportion, Interval

A texture project where we had to scribble in our sketchbooks and choose 3 different ‘spots’ that were going to be turned into certain variables. For example the first one had 3 variables and i had to take one of the spots and try to represent these variables with this spot. the second one had 5 variables and the last one had all of them. It kept me interested because i was constantly thinking of how what represented what however some were similar so i had to figure out how to show them. It was like a puzzle game for me.

Project #3: Texture/Figure/Ground

This was another texture project but we had to collect about of textures, pick out the good textures, cut and past them then take tracing paper where we copy it right next to it and ink it. This was a interesting project that took some time when finding the textures but when it came to inking it was quite satisfying to see the finished result. It created something different and unique to every student so there were no copies.

Project #2: Texture Exploration

A another texture project where we got the textures from magazines and had to cut them out. We had to take a lot of textures that the teacher approved and try to arrange them in a way that they will ‘talk to each other’ in a way. I had difficulty since i enjoy order and wanted to order them by size or color.

Project #1: Parallel Lines Showing Movement

the very first project where we had to draw curved lines or make lines look as if they are moving. I went with a fingerprint like design and created it very fine where the lines are close and thin. In used a sharpie pen and this took forever but the result is beautiful.