Midterm Assessment

Things were going along swimmingly, but recently it’s been rough, honestly. I have had multiple illnesses to handle (mine and family members) after getting off to a good start once sign-in stuff was resolved. I was keeping up, and then got pretty thrown, several times. Things aren’t really letting up, but I am persistent and committed. It’s an opportunity for growth, as they say. Posting this is another piece forward. Meeting with the Prof. has been extremely helpful. As always, not just as a communication design major, communication is key. Asking for help has become easier for me over time. I am so glad I’ve been actively seeking support. I could not have stuck with it otherwise.

Learning Plan

I reviewed the learning plan, checked the boxes, have met with Prof. regarding questions, and in the case of one assignment (Research Essay) obtained an extension. Otherwise the learning plan objectives remain as stated.

Three areas in the Learning Plan I believe are becoming more focused are:

  • Define and/or refine my design aesthetic and stimulate new directions in my creative work
  • Better understand the historical, aesthetic, cultural, political lineages from which my design aesthetic originates
  • Consider ways in which design can have positive social impacts in my community and the world

I am excited to be able to catch up and engage with the content. The history portion will be fun. 

Completed Classwork

Reading Response 1

Reading Response 2

Reading Response 3

Reading Response 4

Stereotype Research Essay — PENDING

– first draft is in writing portfolio

– extension

Research Paper Outline 

– is pending sources

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