Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation – EA

My research project topic is about semiotics and how it is used in Character Design via silhouettes and shape language. I give a recap on semiotics and then explain shape language and the concept of silhouettes in character design and how they are all connected.


Annotated Bibliography


  1. Hadassah

    Hi Edward, your presentation was really amazing. Your visuals are great and your explanation was thorough and easy to get. I like the fact that you went in depth about semiotics and how it contributes to character design silhouettes. Interestingly, I heard about shapes and how it affects the silhouette of the character. But the way how you explained make sense and it’s great how you connect them to one another. I agree with you a lot when it comes to a successful character design, their silhouette has to be identifiable. It reminds me of Pokemon, when they’re about to be in a commercial break they would ask “Who’s that Pokemon.” and show the silhouette of the Pokemon.

    • Zi Hang Lian

      Oh, totally relatable. I did watch Pokemon before and it was entertaining section before the second half of the anime started.

  2. Shauntaya

    I like how clear and concise you are. Enjoy the fact you add background music and you explain semiotics before you went to your topic. The project is really well done the visual made it enjoyable like an informational Youtube video.

  3. rahel lehar

    Your text is clean and very organized. I like the touch of background music. I also know of the censorship issue of the original swastika in tokyo avengers because of the myth behind it due to misuse and perversion. I didn’t know shapes in movies, art, video games had specific meanings.

  4. SimonWill21

    Love the background music and the clear voice in the presentation. I knew artists used shapes when drawing or sketching characters, but I never knew there was a deeper meaning behind those shapes.

  5. Nicholas Albanese

    This is probably one of my favorite presentations from this class. From the design of the slides to the implementation of music to the content, I was interested the whole time. I don’t have a lot of complaints. As an aspiring animator who designs his own characters but doesn’t play a lot of video games, this video really opened my eyes to how games like Destiny use simple shapes to give meaning to the symbols and characters within the game.

  6. Zi Hang Lian

    Nice presentation. Loved the background music and explanation. I do know about the original swastika sign in Tokyo Avengers. Apparently, it was removed from Crunchyroll because it was related to the Nazi sign which was a huge misunderstanding.

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