Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation- SW

My research project is about Comic Sans and why It has such large hate in the Design industry and even in the normal world, I first go into the origin of comic sans and its creator then I analyze Comic Sans itself. Lastly, I explain why some designers and people, in general, see comic sans as a bad font along with how the font can be used in a good way.

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  1. Shauntaya

    Good presentation very information, I never understand why people l did not like comic sans since it is mostly used in DC comics. I think it very easy on the easy and pleasing look at in comics very much fits the style. In addition, it is perfect for kids. Now I know who came up with comic sans it also interesting to see what font Microsoft used.

    • SimonWill21

      Thanks! and Yeah I also didn’t understand why the font gets hated prior to researching about it and also didn’t realize how large the hate was.

  2. rahel lehar

    I like your topic of a worldwide hated font. I personally don’t like comic sans but it is a lot easier to read than other fonts and should keep being used in comics and kids learning. People specifically graphic designers don’t see it as visually pleasing because of your point of the font being used in the wrong way. I dont think comic sans was supposed to be used for graphic design in the first place.

  3. Nicholas Albanese

    A very sweet and informative presentation. Comic Sans gets a bad wrap as a font and it was nice to see someone like you sort of take a stand for it and explain how it can be used effectively. I also enjoyed the use of the moving background as well as the history of Comic Sans and what typographical features help it stand out from other sans-serif fonts.

    • SimonWill21

      Yes I agree it has such an interesting history

  4. Edward Alston

    Very nice presentation. I never fully understood why comic sans had such a bad reputation but its misuse and overuse make it a bit more understandable. It was interesting to hear about its origins and some designers’ thoughts about it.

  5. Hadassah

    Great presentation. It’s insightful how you told the story behind comic sans. I agree with you on your take on Comic Sans being a great font. I personally didn’t see an issue with it, but like you said it should be used in the right context. Just like what Rahael said, it should be used in child’s books and comics.

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