Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation – ES

I chose to make my presentation on minimalism more specifically how minimalism is used in advertising. Minimalism is a style that I am fond of greatly and try to use whenever I get the chance. I went in a little into the history of when it started to pick up traction then show how it applied to all the different types of advertisement we still see today.


Project Slides


  1. bryanmendez

    Hey, Eric great job. I like that you chose minimalism its a really interesting movement because I agree with what you said it’s a way of life more than just an art style. Minimalism is also like pushing everything that is not important away specifically physical items. It is the same in art you do as little as possible to make the piece.

  2. Zi Hang Lian

    Nice presentation. So many famous artists. Although I personally don’ know much about this other than the things I learned in the class, it’s interesting to learn more about minimalism.

  3. Shauntaya

    A lot of tech companies dive it minimalism because it what close to a futuristic design far away from the clutter. Clean and simple make it easier for the consumer to choose. Even companies like burger king simplified their logo. Minimalism does have a freshness to it.

  4. rahel lehar

    I like that most of your video was images. A nice break from reading slides all the time. I never knew how the Volkswagen was a minimalist design. I like that you mention how they use subtle changes to refresh an old design. Minimalism is definitely easier on the eyes than other complex ornamental designs

  5. SimonWill21

    I like that you more emphasis on pictures and visuals more than on text it helped In making me understand minimalism better. The Apple examples were a great example of minimalism.

  6. Nicholas Albanese

    Excellent presentation. I love how you connected your presentation to some material that we viewed in the class. Your tone and pacing were great and while you stumbled a little with your words, it was still clear what you were trying to talk about. Your transition from the presentation to the video was also really smooth.

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