Tasks Due Last Week

  • Review New Paradigms activities
  • Review Research Project Prep
  • Contribute to Discussion Week 13
  • Submit Week 13 Agenda Checklist

This Week’s Topics


Week 14 Check-in

This Week’s Agenda is brief. This week you will be completing your final coursework and reflecting on your learning experience.

  • Your Research Project & Presentation post is due on Tuesday, Dec. 14th by 11:59pm.
  • Your Research Journal is due by Sunday, December 19th, at 11:59 pm.
  • Comments on your your classmates’ presentations are due by Sunday, December 19th, at 11:59 pm.
  • Any additional work that you’d like to revise or that you’ve missed can be submitted up until the last class, Sunday, December 19th, at 11:59 pm.
  • Your Grade Survey is due by Dec. 19th, at 11:59 pm. Your learning reflection and the grade you believe you have earned for this course will be factored into your final grade.

If you want to schedule any last-minute meetings about your research project, contact me to meet on Monday or Tuesday or email with any questions or concerns: jspevack@citytech.cuny.edu.

Are you missing any assignments or discussion posts? Take a look all of the agendas for this semester on the Schedule page. Submit any remaining work in before Sunday, December 19th!


Below find the information covered in this session. Complete all of the following activities and assignments.

1. Research Project Presentation & Comments DUE

You have 3 DAYS left to complete your Research Project & Presentation. Your final post is due on Tuesday, Dec. 14th by 11:59pm

Review the project guidelines to make sure you are clear about what the expectations are for the Research Project & Presentation. Specifically, take note of the requirements for Your Annotated Bibliography and Your Presentation Format.

Here is an example Research Project Presentation Post for reference!

Some students had issues with copyright when uploading their videos to YouTube. If that happens to you, you can upload your video to Google Drive or Dropbox and link to it in your post. See the Research Project & Presentation > Tools & Tips.


By today Dec. 12th you should have completed the first four milestones. Your next milestone is Dec. 14th. Your final milestone is December 19th.

  1. November 21: Finish collecting all supporting media and sources
  2. November 28: Complete presentation outline and script
  3. December 5: Assemble all graphics and text in slideshow
  4. December 12: Share in-progress slideshow presentation with voiceoever, get feedback from peers and professor
  5. December 14: Submit Presentation to OpenLab site – follow the guideslines
  6. December 19: Submit at least one comment on each of your classmates’ presentations

2. Research Journal Due

Your Research Journal is a place for collecting ideas, freewriting, images, links, videos, and other media to help you develop your ideas and formulate your research topic. It can be organized or sloppy or anywhere in between, but it should demonstrate who you are as a creative, curious individual and your research process in this course.

Sunday, December 19th, at 11:59 pm is the last day to contribute to your Research Journal. If you have notes and ideas in other places, take photos and/or copy them over to your Research Journal. These could be photos of your sketchbook, other notebooks, etc. Show your work and your creative/research process.

No need to create a new post, simply make sure the link in your Midterm post is still working.

3. Give Research Project Presentation Comments

Starting Wednesday, December 15th, begin adding comments to your classmates’ Research Project Presentations posts. View all the posts by navigating to Student Posts > Research Project.

Give at least 1 comment per presentation. Your comment should be supportive AND helpful!

This is NOT a helpful comment:

“Great presentation, I like it”

A helpful comment is one that offers support, a critique of the content, and delivery of the research material, as well as suggestions for improvement:

“Great presentation, NAME. I enjoyed your exploration of XXXX and XXXX. I was especially excited to learn about XXXX and XXXX. I was intrigued by your discussion of XXXX because you presented it by exploring XXXX and contrasted it with XXXX. However, I would have liked to have learned more about XXXXX. Have you considered expanding on XXXX and XXXX? Here are some links about XXXX that I think would be helpful for your future research.”

4. What did you learn? Grade Survey

Look over your Research Journal, the Weekly Class Agendas, and the Discussions. Take a moment to look again at the grading policy. Consider all of the ways in which you have, over this semester, engaged your sense of curiosity about Communication Design Theory.

Consider the following:

Do you now look at advertisements, social media, or your favorite video games with a critical eye for connotated or denoted meaning? Do you see the types of signs used in the world around you? Can you pick out the signifiers and signified? Are you able to identify influences from design history like Constructivism, the International Style, and Post-Modernism in subways ads? Do you think more about the photographic, illustrative, color, or typographic choices in your work, and consider how they will be received, what meaning they might convey to your audience, or how they might persuade your audience to think or feel a certain way? Do you feel like your reading and writing skills have improved? Have the skills of close-reading and annotation given you the confidence to read more challenging texts, if you choose to in the future? Will you apply the research and analysis skills used in this course to your creative practice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, hey, that’s good news!

What grade do you think you have earned in this course?

Use the Grade Survey to submit the grade you believe you have earned in this course. This may not be the final grade you receive but your evaluation of your own learning experience and effort is extremely important and will be considered.

Week 14 Agenda Checklist

Below are all of the tasks, big and small, for this week. The deadline is Sunday, December 19th, at 11:59 pm. Submit your Weekly Agenda Checklist below, indicating the tasks you’ve completed. This is required.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out: jspevack@citytech.cuny.edu

Tasks from the Week 14 Agenda

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