Jenna Spevack | COMD3504_OL08 | FALL 2021

Research Project Presentation–RL

Human Perception Altered by 3D Animation

This is my powerpoint video on the history and effect of 3D on our perception of reality

RL annotated bibliography

Rahel Lehar_ Research project slides

Rahel Lehar_final research project:


  1. Shauntaya

    Very interesting topic you chose with the advancement in VR things can seem very real and emotional when it came to the koran mom who lost her child. I heard they are making a movie or Kdrama based on the Korean mom experience with VR.

  2. Eric Sukhdeo

    Overall a great presentation, I like the part about subdivision because I’ve also seen that type of stuff when looking at behind the scenes off of DVDs and videos online but I was never sure on what it was called, thanks for that.

  3. Zi Hang Lian

    I watched it. I really loved this presentation. I liked how you mentioned about 3D Animation and showed us some examples. Although I did take 3D classes before, I learned more in this presentation and though how wonderful it is.

  4. SimonWill21

    Very interesting prevention on 3d animation. I like the visual examples used and how you explained How 3d animation began to develop over the years. The videos used were also good visual examples as well.

  5. Nicholas Albanese

    This was a very interesting presentation on how 3D graphics and animation have evolved ever since their inception. I enjoyed our visuals and use of video examples such as the video of the Korean woman being reunited with her daughter via VR. One criticism I have is your voice during the presentation. It sounded monotone and a bit slow at times and it sounded like different cuts were spliced together. Your tone sounded very clinical as well. Next time, try reading in a more enthusiastic tone.

  6. Ebony Star

    Very interesting topic on 3D animation and human perception. I found the videos you used very helpful, it’s better to show us forms of emotions as they can resonate emotionally with the viewers. Overall your presentation had some good information about 3D animation I didn’t know prior to viewing this.

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