Photo of Andy Goldsworthy’s The Cairn in Ithaca, NY

Please take this week to work on your Research Project Presentation and to connect with family and friends.

Consider the following milestones to schedule your time and reduce stress. If you are behind, adjust your schedule so you can catch up.

  • November 21 (TODAY): Finish collecting all supporting media and sources
  • November 28: Complete presentation outline and script
  • December 5: Assemble all graphics and text in slideshow
  • December 12: Share in-progress slideshow presentation with voiceover, get feedback from peers and professor
  • December 14: Submit Presentation to OpenLab site
  • December 19: Provide feedback on your classmates’ presentations.

At this point, you should have collected your supporting media and sources for your project and can begin to assemble them in an Annotated Bibliography. You can, of course, continue to add sources as you find them. Assembling an annotated bibliography is excellent preparation for any design project. You begin to look closely and more critically instead of just collecting information. By responding to a variety of sources, you’ll start to see what the issues are and develop your own point of view.

Review the Research Project & Presentation guidelines, and the following info to prepare your Annotated Bibliography.

Wonderful to meet with many of you this week to discuss your Research Project progress. Angela, Lily, and Jennifer, I look forward to meeting with you. Do please let me know when you are available.

Enjoy your week!