• How do each of these designers/authors think you should approach design?
  • Include an example of contemporary typography/layout that embodies each of these three design systems or philosophies. And explain why!


Designers Tschichold, Gerstner, and Muller-Brockman all believed that we should approach design with asymmetry in mind and systematically and objectively. That we should have a goal in mind for what it is we want to accomplish and find a way or system of how to accomplish said goals. Tschichold’s system was about simplicity, with simple (sans serif) typefaces – fewer ornamentations to easier convey what is meant to be communicated in addition to more active awareness and use of white space. The below Spotify ad is an example of Tschichold’s system as it flows asymmetrical and uses a sans serif typeface with no ornamentations, decorative type, or excessive designs that distract from getting the message across.

I believe the following School of Life poster more incorporates all three designer’s values in design. It has an asymmetrical balance that all of them valued as well as still adheres to a grid layout that Gerstner and Brockman both mentioned and keeps a clean simple sans serif typeface. The poster also has a good sense of hierarchy/importance via the use of different weights for the text.