1. Introduction

The topic I chose to discuss is the art style of minimalism in design since it is something we so often do today in a lot of different areas. It is also because I simply have a fondness for the straightforward designs that the minimalist style provides. I want to go into detail about where and how minimalism started, how we see minimalism used today, and other aspects of minimalism like how it’s not just an art style but a way of life for some people.

2. Background/Review of the Literature

Minimalism first started in the 1950s with different artists for example Frank Stella who started to go more simple and abstract with his series of “Black Paintings” which became good enough to be admitted into the Musem of Modern Art in 1959. Soon after It started to prosper even more in the 1960s and 1970s with many other artists taking inspiration from seeing his paintings and started to incorporate them into their style like Dan Flavin, Download Judd, and Sol Lewitt to name a few. This style became even more popular over the years that we still even see this style today. We see this with companies changing their logos to be more minimalist or the UI for our electronic devices, it is a style that is widely embraced today.

3. Rationale

  • When did minimalism start?
  • How and why did minimalism get so popular? 
  • How is minimalism used today?
  • What is the future of minimalism?
  • Are there any other important aspects of minimalism?

4. Method and Design

I will simply look online at the different articles and some textbooks to find anything interesting that relates to the topic then cite them in MLA format below as it did with the resources used the answer the question before.

5. References

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