1. Introduction

The topic of my research paper is street art’s history and its influence on society. I plan to explore the artists, artwork, and concepts from the Avant-Garde movement that influenced street art of the late 1960’s-80’s and today’s artists. Street art is significant because in its raw, rebellious form it has influenced having a voice when communication is confined. Street art like Avant-Garde doesn’t work within the confines of society, having a voice and expressing political/social issues to the society in public areas. I plan to discuss how street artists of the past and present are using some of the theories of the Avant-Garde movement.


2. Background/Review of the Literature

Street art which evolved from the early forms of graffiti on subway trains gained acceptance in the late 1970s-80s, where it became an art form. Street art was the start of artists expressing their experiences, social/political views and it gave artists the opportunity to create personal artwork in public locations for public visibility. Artists appreciated the challenge of time and were rebellious towards creating artwork that was forbidden in public spaces. The purpose of artists utilizing public spaces is to reach a broader audience. Influential street artist, Keith Haring is known as generated activism and awareness to the AIDS epidemic, and Jean-Michel Basquiat brought awareness to the systems of racism and class struggles in the 1980s. 

3. Rationale

  1. Has Street Art had an impact on today’s culture?
  2. What concepts of the Avant-Garde movement relate to the Street Art movement?
  3. Who are some of the influential artists of street art?
  4. What roles did symbols, typography, and images play in street art?
  5. How have street artists used their social responsibility to inform society?
  6. In what ways do street artists participate in authorship and university?
  7. How did Street Art become acceptable as a commissioned aspect in communities or countries?

4. Method and Design

I plan to research articles and blogs online that I find on the origin of Street Art, past design influences, artists who embraced street art, and their impact on society. I also will watch documentaries by Martha Cooper, Banksy, and a movie called Wild Style, so I can get a better sense of a street artist’s eye and craft. I will also gather the information that will explain the importance of street art and how it benefits our culture today. I will create a photo documentary of New York Street Artists and their artwork that has influenced the culture, discuss how the artwork has influenced us and describe the concepts used from the Avant-Garde movement. 

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