1. Introduction

The topic I am choosing to examine for my research project is the influence of ukiyo-e on the art nouveau movement. For this research project, I want to examine the similarities shared between art nouveau and ukiyo-e. I believe this topic is significant because the ukiyo-e genre and art nouveau are connected in some ways despite being from two different countries and both existing during two different points in history. I believe it’s significant to analyze these two genres in order to gain a better understanding of how cultural exchange can shift trends in design and art.

2. Background/Review of the Literature

Art Nouveau was an art style that originated and peaked around 1890 to 1910. The movement prioritized more ornamental design with pieces featuring more flowing lines that served as a connection to nature. In terms of illustration, art nouveau illustrations drew heavy inspiration from Japanese art movements like Ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e art originated in 1620 and has been a dominant style up until the late 19th century when it experienced a decline. During the 19th century, artists such as Hiroshige and Hokusai were considered the masters of the genre and their art was hugely influential in the creation of the art nouveau movement.

3. Rationale

  • What are some of the features present in both ukiyo-e and art nouveau?
  • What is the influence that ukiyo-e had on art noveau?
  • What other art mediums besides illustration did ukiyo-e have on art nouveau design?
  • Has art nouveau influenced Japanese design? If so, what examples can be seen?
  • In what ways can we see the influences from both art nouveau on Japanese design and ukiyo-e art on western design today?
  • How does cultural exchange lead to changes in art and design?

I am exploring this topic because I believe it’s important to see how different styles of illustration from different countries influence each other. I believe it’s important to see how art nouveau was influenced by ukiyo-e so that we can gain a better understanding of how cultural exchange leads to changes in art.

4. Method and Design

I will go about collecting resources by researching the history of both art nouveau and ukiyo-e. I will try to grab example examples of art from both time genres and compare the two to demonstrate the influences one had on the other. I am also planning to research more into modern examples of art nouveau-like features present in Japanese art today and vice versa with ukiyo-e art influences in western art today.

5. References