Morley, Madeleine. Eye on Design: Celebrating the African-American Practitioners Absent From Way Too Many Classroom Lectures (2018)
Munro, Silas.  Eye on Design: Typography as a Radical Act in an Industry Ever-dominated by White Men (2019) 
Rawsthorn, Alice. NYTimes: Design Gets More Diverse (2011)

Questions / Prompts

  • How do we change the commercial design field to include a diversity of voices and visions?
  • What will the commercial design field and the study of design history look like in 20 years?

The commercial design field can change to include a diversity of voices and visions by promoting and advertising that more people of every race, culture, body type, age, etc can become commercial designers. Nowadays design is done by everyone such as blacks, old and young, every race and culture are designers. In design colleges, there are many diverse teachers who are designers. Commercial designers just have to think about what races or backgrounds have already been advertised and what types of people could be advertised more. It is not a complicated thing to represent more people. It has already been in progress for several years now. All types of people are being advertised in commercials such as black people, different body types, both old and young, all of which are realistic and more relatable to everyday consumers unlike ads using stick-figure models.

The commercial design field in 20 years will have more products and more different people in ads and as designers. The study of design history in 20 years will have more resources, materials, and concepts to study and analyze. Both fields will evolve to have more ideas and develop new studies from new designers.