Tasks Due Today

This Week’s Topics

  1. Welcome & Introduction: Why Theory?
  2. Course Materials Overview
  3. Course Tools Set up
  4. Assignment: Reading Response 1
  5. Week 1 Agenda Checklist

At the end of this session, students should have an understanding of the following:

  • What Communication Design Theory is and why it can be an esssential part of your design practice
  • An overview of the course materials including, syllabus, grading policy, communications, and general expectations for successful completion of the coursework
  • The tools used in this course
  • The guidelines and due date for the first assignment: Reading Response 1


Below find the information covered in this session. Complete all of the following activities, videos, and assignments.

1. Welcome & Introduction (10 Minutes)

Welcome from Prof. Jenna

Watch the Introduction video below to learn more about the goals and expectations for the semester.

COMD3504 Introduction – What & Why?

2. Course Materials Overview (10 Minutes)

Please review the Course Info section of this site and familiarize yourself with the following course materials:

The video below will take you on a tour of the class site, including the Course Activities, Student Posts, and Help sections.

OpenLab Course Site Overview

3. Course Tools Set up (30 – 60 Minutes)

We will be using multiple tools and methods to facilitate the process of reading, writing, collaborating, and presenting. Each of the links below will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get set up with the following tools.

Complete the (3) exercises below before starting your Reading Response Assignment – DUE 9/5 by 6pm

a. Setup Hypothesis

Follow the instructions in the tutorial Using Hypothesis to become familiar with the tool.

  • Create a Hypothesis account
  • Download and install the Hypothesis extension
  • Join our Hypothesis group
  • Learn about Close Reading and Annotation Types

b. Setup your Research Journal

Follow the instructions on the Research Journal page to get started with your journal.

  • Create a new Google Doc for your Research Journal
  • Format the Doc for ease of use

c. Review OpenLab Posting and Commenting

Review the instructions for posting and commenting.

4. Assignment: Reading Response 1 (2+ Hours)

Follow these assignment guidelines:

Reading Response 1 – DUE 9/5 by 6pm

You will be reading and annotating the text Armstrong, Helen. Graphic Design Theory: Readings From the Field, Princeton Architectural Press, 2009. Pages 9-15 with your classmates in our Hypothesis group. After annotating the text, create a rough draft of your response in your Research Journal. Your response should be about 200 words and checked for spelling and grammar errors. Lastly, create a new post on this site or edit the draft if you created above. Publish your finished response.


Week 1 Agenda Checklist

Below are all of the tasks, big and small, for this week. The deadline is Sunday, September 5th, 6 pm to allow time for review before the next agenda is posted.  Successful and timely completion of these tasks will contribute to your grade.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out: jspevack@citytech.cuny.edu

Welcome Tasks - Due 8/27
Tasks from the Week 1 Agenda - Due 9/5, 6pm
Assignment: Reading Response 1 Tasks - Due 9/5, 6pm

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