Cheating is the unauthorized use or attempted use of material, information, notes, study aids, devices or communication during an academic exercise.

Examples of cheating include:

  1. Copying from another student during an examination or allowing another to copy your work
  2. Unauthorized collaboration on a take-home assignment or examination
  3. Using notes during a closed-book examination
  4. Taking an examination for another student, or asking or allowing another student to take an examination for you
  5. Changing a graded exam and returning it for more credit
  6. Submitting substantial portions of the same paper to more than one course without consulting each instructor
  7. Preparing answers or writing notes in an exam booklet before an examination
  8. Allowing others to research and write assigned papers or do assigned projects, including the use of commercial term paper services
  9. Giving assistance to acts of academic misconduct/dishonesty
  10. Fabricating data
  11. Unauthorized use of electronic devices such as cell phones, text messaging devices, palm pilots, computers or other technologies to retrieve or send information during an exam

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