How to make a 3D image on photoshop

How To make a 3D image on photoshop


Interview Questions

Interview with Daniel Singh

Topic: Life changes


  1. How was your home life?
  2. What were some aspects in your life that made you grow as a person?
  3. Do you have any people you look up to? (If so who and why).
  4. Has music had an impact on your life?
  5. While growing up did you feel happy or sad more often?
  6. When someone decided to mature or change their ways they usually go through a life changing event. What was yours?
  7. Do you think that wealth changes lives for the better?
  8. What is your view on life and how we should live it?
  9. Do you think that most people now adays take life for granted? (If so why)
  10. Are you happy with your life?