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Blood is thicker than water

This quote refers to the fact that no matter how many friends you may have in the world, family is the one that will actually matter in the end. Friends travel their own different paths in life and aren’t really obligated to you in any way, therefore they are irrelevant in your own life. Because you are stuck with family, they are the ones who will supervise you in the paths you take. People sometimes use that as leverage against others, but little do they know – the intended meaning may be antonymous towards the meaning of family.

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

According to this different but original interpretation, comrades/soldiers who fight for the same cause form a bond that is deeper than the roots of family. With that said, it doesn’t really matter who you were born with; it is the people that share your same interests/motives that are actually relevant in your life. Since it is those people who share your motives that know you the most, they are actually the ones who may not shape you physically, but do so socially & mentally.

One thing to note about these two quotes – they are two different interpretations within two different cultures, so people will have to put that into consideration when examining those two quotes.

The concept I have here is pretty much taking the concept pertaining to blood and water literally, but in an interesting way. The blood that is being poured out of the cup represents the covenant, the roots represent the bond between the individual and the covenant, and the water represents the environment that the fetus is developed in. The fetus is physically developed within the safety of the mother’s womb (family depicted by water), and he/she is mentally/socially developed by being reached out to by the blood of the covenant.