Logo History 2nd Draft: Snapple

The beverage industry has a huge impact on society, since it is consumed by most of the population a majority of the time. This basic commodity appears on store shelves worldwide, grocery stores and supermarkets alike, and is made available in vending machines. Beverages can range from cold water to coffee, from carbonated soda to fruit juice, from tea to alcohol. Apart from the big players in the industry such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Snapple has also played a huge role in offering fruit-juice and tea beverages to society.

This well-known brand first started off as Unadulterated Food Products, established in 1972 in Long Island, New York, by three fellows – Leonard Marsh, Arnold Greenberg, and Hyman Golden. It began as a small business that supplied fruit juices to health food stores. One day, the trio created a carbonated apple juice product, which was named Snapple, a play on the two words snappy and apple. That term later came about to be the new name of their beverage company. Although today it is known for its specialty in tea products, they didn’t come about making their first tea until 1987.

Because this brand is fairly new compared to other high-name brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Snapple’s logo hasn’t received too much change throughout its reign. The very first logo from when the brand was first introduced consisted of a italic-like slab-serif with an oval-decoration surrounding the letters, but overlapping the S and l. It was slanted at approximately 20-30 degrees. A variant of this logo consisted of a drawn-out sun with a face on it, lying on the back of the logo itself. The second logo introduced in 2008 was straightened out and still has serifs in them, this time with a softer feel towards the text. It was no longer as slab-serif as its predecessor, and it no longer has the oval decoration surrounding the word. The lowercase A and Ealso appears to have changed as well.

The latest Snapple logo took both past designs into factor and featured a slant of text. Unlike the first logo, which appears that the letters merely just shifted upwards, the letters have rotated along with the word itself. A sunrise with the words “all natural” imprinted along the sun has also been drawn along the word.