Background Info

My name is Francis Xie, and this is as frank as I can get with my Bio. I was raised in the Sunset Park neighborhood and moved to Bensonhurst in the beginning of High School. I studied at New York City College of Technology for one semester in the Communication Design field. My main obligation for the future is to enter USMC Basic Training during late January for approximately three months and come out as an Active Duty serviceman, serving for eight years, more or less. While I wait for my ship date, I felt it would be productive of me to attend this institution for one semester, and acquire at least 15 credits in order to be rated for a Private First Class promotion after Basic Training.

Through my time at I.S. 180 (SeeAll Academy) and K430 (Brooklyn Technical High School), I was able to acquire a basic to intermediate skill set for using Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, and Autodesk applications such as Inventor, and Maya. I am somewhat self-taught in the use of these applications as I use the computer heavily, and that any tool/action I am not familiar with can be researched online for my use. Considering my future, I feel that my skillset for Adobe and Autodesk applications will only be for a recreational hobby of some kind, but may be supplemental for the career I have in mind for the future. Nonetheless, it still wouldn’t hurt for me to try it once more for practical application.

Semper Fidelis