COMD1167 Final Project F14

The final project I had to do for my Type and Media class was to create a flip book of a song we liked. I chose Wish You Were Here by Incubus. I enjoyed the concept idea, and I tried to work with programs I wasn’t accustomed to. We had to first create an animated version, which I unfortunately cannot find in my hard drive. The animated part was pretty cool because I could make the type move around and jump with the music. I had fun and I learned a lot on my own and from other classmates but, towards the end I didn’t like this final project as my professor was incredibly negative.

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Assignment #5

Group 1: 2 pairs of achromatic gray studies will explore interactions by shifting value.
Group 2: 2 pairs of color studies will explore interactions by shifting value (with color)
Group 3: 2 pairs of color studies will explore interactions by shifting hue, but not value.
Group 4: 2 pairs of color studies will explore interactions by shifting hue and value.






This project was a fun experience but I think working solo suits my style better. It was hard to completely understand what both my partner and I wanted to do because we both had different ideas. It was fun creating my own silhouette from scratch and applying it to my partners personality.


Assignment #4: Free Study #2.


This the inspiration I received from Ben Snead’s mosaic tile piece, “Departures and Arrivals” in the subway.

I used colored pencils to obtain the look I was trying to go for. I tried to give the picture depth the best I could and have chromatic grays, prismatic and muted hues. It was a challenge I was willing to take and I admit that it was difficult. You cannot ‘mix’ colored pencils together so I had to layer them. I had fun trying something I had never done before with colored pencils because I wasn’t relying on the pencils that aren’t primary and secondary. Also, I tried to stray away from using my secondary colored pencils but when I had to, I layered all three colors together.

My own metaphor was inspired specifically by his naturalistic attempt. I wanted to show that we have the ability to travel anywhere we like due to our technology. We, the consumer, chooses where we would like to go and when.

Not only can transportation bring us to realistic places but fantasy ones too. This idea occurred from my own experiences in the subway, I’m always traveling somewhere but not wanting to go exactly there. I also daydream a lot on the subway and when I travel to places.

Assignment #4: Written Assessment.

By applying myself into this project I learned a lot due to my successes and mistakes. Many of the portions of Assignment #4 was a struggle due to my difficulty mixing the paint and getting the perfect color. When I was frustrated I ended up making it harder on myself, I didn’t think of what I was doing and eventually added too much water or paint. Too much water means streaks and too much of one value offsets the hue that I was attempting to attain.

Next project I will definitely take my time and attempt to not get too frustrated when I don’t understand what I did wrong. It’s trying that matters since we learn in the end. I know that because of this assignment my future projects will have more saturation, focus on the difference between lighter values and darker ones and how a little addition of hue makes a big difference.


Work Tally:

Th 11/14: 1.5hrs.

Sat 11/16: 3hrs.

Sun 11/17: 3hrs.

Mon 11/18: 3hrs.

Ben Snead, Departures and Arrivals.

IMG_1847 IMG_1837 IMG_1839 IMG_1846 IMG_1838 IMG_1840

1. I think Nature and animals inspire Snead’s work.

2. His metaphor may be that nature is all one, yet all different because all these creatures have opposite forms of travel.

3. Snead uses the same ideas and creates a pattern with it because it
becomes repeated. Although he adds a twist to it, it’s not the same
thing being repeated but the reversal effect, including reflections or changes the positioning.

4. His art has a range of colors and values, it is broad overall yet in
certain areas it becomes narrow. There are many values and
shades of light and dark especially with the oranges, violets and greens.

5. For some reason his work reminded me instantly of Greek mythology.
This is probably due to the Greek mosaics I have seen. Their work is also very artistic and eye capturing with many elements of nature.

6. I think the different layering and positions of the animals and
insects shows each cycle of life and travel, Snead most likely did it this
way to prove a point to the viewer.

7. They are all different species but all have travel in common. One flies, one swims and one crawls.

8. I found it interesting that some pieces of the wall tile are cut out so that the tiny stones may be inserted into place. Other pieces are actually almost like stickers stuck onto the wall tile, not inserted into it.




Prismatic Color Studies 1&2.


Prismatic (Narrow)


Prismatic (Broad)

For the first part of this study, the Narrow ranged painting, I found it enjoyable and easier. Although the Broad one I had trouble with and ended up with chromatic grays because it dried darker than I expected. I went back and fixed it and I think I’ve made it prismatic.


Muted Color Studies – Exercise #1 & #2.


Muted Saturation Study. (Narrow)


Muted Saturation Study. (Broad)


Gouache paint is sort of difficult for me to paint with but the more I paint with it, the better the outcome is. Hopefully in the near future the streaks won’t be as prominent. This project wasn’t as difficult for me as muted colors are an easy mix; combining the complementary with the primary. Not too much, not too little.


Chromatic Gray Studies: Exercise #1 & #2.


Chromatic Gray Saturation Study. (Broad Value)


Chromatic Gray Saturation Study. (Narrow Value)


I struggled with making the chromatic grays. It was a difficult process for me, I’m not sure why. I do understand the concepts of mixing a lot of two things together, the opposite color of the primary but I guess you could say it was a little dreary making these colors.