Additional Resources

Podcasts, Galleries, Maps, Presentations, etc.

One of the most comprehensive sites with links to various resources are available at the Multimedia Library at the Rachel Carson Center

The Conversation

Environmental Futures Lecture Series, University of Colorado, Boulder

Environmental Humanities Podcast

Food Radio Station (the Heritage Radio Network)

For the Wild Podcast

Geographies of Risk Podcast

In Common Podcast

Inside Energy Podcast

Living on Earth Podcast

Mongabay Podcast

New Books Network, Environmental Studies Podcast

NPR’s Secret Ingredient Podcast

NPR’s Timber Wars Podcast

Open access journal: Anthropology of Food

Rachel Carson Center Exhibitions

Resilience Network: Omega Webinars

Resources on the Anthropology Magazine website

Resources on the European Society for Environmental History website

Resources tab on the American Society for Environmental History

Rural Sociological Society Briefs

Sociology and Animals podcast hosted by the American Sociological Association

Threshold Podcast (Peabody winner)

University of Aarhus Research on Anthropocene (references)

University of Sheffield, Biosec and Buggles Podcast and Essays

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Edge Effects Podcast and Essays

Water and Land Podcast

Educator’s Tookits

Resources related to Anderies, John and Marco Janssen (2016), Sustaining the Commons. Arizona State University.

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment Project

Inside Energy Project

International Environmental Communication Association Project

Max Plank Institute for the History of Science, Aggregated Resources

Rachel Carson Center, Multimedia library, Syllabi

Teaching resources on various technological solutions to climate change: Drawdown

Textbooks and Other Open Education Resources

Anderies, John and Marco Janssen (2016), Sustaining the Commons. Arizona State University.

Project Gutenberg

Open Textbook Library (University of Minnesota): Sources in Sociology

OpenStax (in partnership with Rice University)

Internet Archive Library (a non-profit library of licensed books, movies, software, music, websites, and more)