Topic 4. Culture

This week’s agenda

  • Learn what culture consists of and how different they are from society to society.
  • Know the sociological study of culture.

Required Reading


Supplementary reading

Study Guide.

Video: Subculture

The Dark Side Of Harajuku Style You Haven’t Seen Yet

Group Discussion/Activity 1: High Culture VS. Popular Culture

  • Each student is required to take 5 photos from home and neighborhood (homework), prior to the lesson.
  • Then, we will watch this documentary, The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Do Not Need, in class.

  • In class, I will make a group with five students. In a group, students will share their own photos and sort them into two categories: high culture and popular culture.
  • Discuss following questions.
    • Define what American culture means to you and offer two examples that you think the most American.
    • Describe high culture and popular culture from the photos that represent the U.S. society.

Group Discussion/Activity 2: Food Desert – Individuals VS. Society 

  • Ask students to do research about food desert prior to this lesson.
  • Watch two videos or one, but the Nightly Show episode is strongly recommended.
    • The first video: Stranded in a Food Desert
    • The second video: The food deserts of Memphis: inside America’s hunger capital | Divided Cities

Discuss how social environments shape what we eat by paying attention to class and race.