Topic 8. Race and Ethnicity

This week’s agenda

  • Learn new concepts on race, ethnicity, racism and racial hierarchy.
  • Understand why race is a highly contested concept.
  • Learn several key concepts that are important for understanding racism in the contemporary United States, including color-blind racism, white privilege, institutional racism, overt racism, and microaggressions.
  • Understand modern theoretical approaches on race and ethnicity.
  • Understand how sociological theories help us understand current racial issues in the U.S.

Required Reading


Supplementary reading

Study Guide

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Group Discussion/Activity

Group Discussion/Activity 1: Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation? 

  • Watch two videos by clicking the links below.
  • Inside Japan’s Chicano Subculture

  • Is Asian Rap Cultural Appropriation?
  • Discuss the following questions
    • When we discuss cultural appropriation, we often think of cases that white persons appropriate Black, Hispanic or Asian cultures. Yet, how do we call it when such things happen between minority groups? Discuss whether each case  represent cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation?

Group Discussion/Activity 2: COVID-19 and racism

    • COVID-19 may not discriminate based on race — but U.S. health care does