Hello, My name is Susan Nava; I am a 23-year old student who’s majoring in Graphic Design at New York City College of Technology. I’m still researching on whether I wanted to be an Illustrator or an Animator in the Future. In my Spare Time, I love to draw Traditional Art and learning how to draw Digital Art on my IPad. I also love playing video games a lot in my spare time and capture my gameplay footage and upload it on my Twitter. I mostly love to draw Fanart but I also like to learn new techniques, tools, and skills on Drawing, sketching, or trying out new things that are related to the Visual Arts and Design Field. At first, I wasn’t so sure what major do I wanna study when I first entered my Previous College at Kingsborough Community College. But when I looked at Graphic/Communication Design’s information, I discovered that I wanna major in Graphic Design to work on Illustrations or Animations as my future goal.

I started drawing when I was young where every kid loves to doodle in their spare time, and I’m glad I’m one of these artists who still draw a lot to this day with my sketchbooks and art supplies I use. When I was 12, I love making animations on this game I played on my Nintendo DSi called Flipnote Studio, where you can make your own mini animations on your digital flipbook. This is where a lot of animators share their Flipnote animations online and when I watched their animations, I was inspired. Making Animation was hard at first for my pre-teenage to learn so quickly, but I never gave up on it because I remember having fun watching the hilarious old animations I drew in the past. But when I heard that Procreate has a new feature which it’s an animation feature. I got so excited to use it on my Ipad to create my own short animations in the future or Digital art in the future. Now that I’m majoring in Communication Design at New York City College of Technology, I will look forward to learning using advanced software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animator, or other alternative Designer software to use their techniques to work on their projects like ads, animation, web designing, game designing, photography, etc. Hopefully, In the next 2 years, I will finally decide Whether I wanna be either an Illustrator or an Animator in the future while studying.