Finally Finals

Your last independent project is to use Adobe AfterEffects to create a 10 second bumper that combines at least one video, one still image and some text.

The prompt is “Time Travel”

Our final critique will be on December 15th. Please have all your work completed and uploaded by 6 PM. After each post please write a brief reflection.

List of Projects:

  • Logo (3 versions of the same logo) – Illustrator
  • Silhouettes – Illustrator
  • Business cards – Illustrator
  • Composites ( three compositions) Photoshop
  • Book Cover/Album Cover – Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Sound Design – Spooky – Audition
  • Mashup – Audition
  • Movie Trailer – Premiere
  • 10 Second Bumper – After Effects

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