Uploading larger files … oh and stay safe everyone!

To upload larger files such as an .mp4, or .mov you have two choices: In Premiere once you have exported your project as an h264 you can upload it to your Google Drive and then navigate to “share” (make sure that– anyone with the link can view – is ticked) and copy the link. This link should then be pasted into a post in your Open lab. You may also upload to Youtube and share the link from there. For Aftereffects you may render in the program itself (make sure that you see where it is saving) or use Media Encoder. Then again upload to your shared Google drive or Youtube. From there, copy the link and again paste to a post in your Open lab. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s completed work!

Once again, It was a pleasure to work with you all. Have a very a safe and happy holiday. Please keep in touch.

Finally Finals

Your last independent project is to use Adobe AfterEffects to create a 10 second bumper that combines at least one video, one still image and some text.

The prompt is “Time Travel”

Our final critique will be on December 15th. Please have all your work completed and uploaded by 6 PM. After each post please write a brief reflection.

List of Projects:

  • Logo (3 versions of the same logo) – Illustrator
  • Silhouettes – Illustrator
  • Business cards – Illustrator
  • Composites ( three compositions) Photoshop
  • Book Cover/Album Cover – Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Sound Design – Spooky – Audition
  • Mashup – Audition
  • Movie Trailer – Premiere
  • 10 Second Bumper – After Effects

It’s Chilly Out there – Movie anyone?

For your next project, you will be using Adobe Premiere to make a movie trailer. Use at least two different sources to create a 2-3 min trailer. If you prefer you may also make a music video.

Due next week: A rough cut of your trailer

Last week we went over: Intro to Premiere, importing sequences, marking in and out in the browser, razor blade, unlinking audio from a clip … am I forgetting anything?

Mash ups, Remixes and the Wonderful Digital World

Everything is a Remix – Part one … New and Improved I hope!

Hello everyone,

If you enjoyed the 2021 Everything is a Remix – the original is different enough to be interesting. I’ve posted both below.

Homework: Choose one option from below

Using Audition create a 2 -3 min Mashup. Please use at least 3 different musical sources and consider incorporating sounds, original material. Be creative!

Redesign the sound design from a 2-3 min scene in a movie of your choice. If the sound design is loud and bombastic try making quiet and intimate. And the reverse should you choose a scene that is quiet how does it change with a louder different sound design. Be prepare to share both the original and the redesign with the class.

In class we looked at: the effects rack – tracks and clips, slowing down/speeding up clips (changes physical length versus changing the pitch – look at properties window, how to make a loop and how to export to a .wav or .mp3. If you cannot upload to directly to your openlab page upload the exported file to your google folder, go to share and copy the link to paste in an OPenlab post. Am I forgetting something?

And the original Remastered:

The Immersive Medium of Sound

Hi everyone,

I hope that your week is going well.

We’ve moved into the wonderful world of sound.

For homework I would like you to create a soundscape using 3-5 different sounds. Use Adobe Audition and create a multitrack session. The sound design should be 30 seconds – 1 min. You can find sounds in freesounds.org. Adobe Audition also has bundles that you may download. Need an extra challenge – try recording some of your own foley sounds.

And despite Halloween being over the prompt is “SPOOKY”. This may be interpreted in any number of ways – so think outside of the box and try to be original!

Here is video that shows how some of the magic is made in Hollywood!

Midterm Project: Book Covers Galore and guidelines for the critique.

Important information below

A few notes in preparation for your midterm critique: Per City Tech requirements you will receive a midterm grade via email after the critique. This evaluation will reflect your standing in the class. In order to succeed you must present all the projects below and be prepared to discuss what you learned, and what challenges you faced. You are also required to speak 3 times about other people’s work. All your work must be uploaded to your site by 6 PM on Wednesday. I expect quality work and nothing less. Your book covers should be professional. If you are absent without prior notification or a doctor’s note this will be reflected in your midterm grade.

Lastly, I will have drop in office hours on Tuesday at 5 PM and again on Wednesday before class at 11 AM. If you have any questions or need help this is for you. If you are unable to attend and struggling with class please let me know in advance.

Below is a list on the projects that need to be presented. Details for each assignment can be found in previous posts.

Openlab sites: Creating blogs, evaluating and customizing templates, uploading media Emphasis on professional presentation, and personalizing the design. Understanding the dashboard.

Logos – design concepts: composition, negative and positive space, design with a message. Introduction and navigating the Adobe Illustrator environment, understanding difference between raster and vector, creating scalable objects, basic vector tools including shapes, brushes, direct select, fills, strokes, text as object, exporting

Silhouettes – Mastering vector drawing with the pen tool (curves and angles). Understanding color information, RGB, CMYK, swatches, libraries, gradient, transparencies

Business card – Kerning, leading, tracking, grids, writing on paths/grids, rulers, guides, smart guides

3 photoshop composites – Downloading large images, understanding resolution and dpi, selecting methods, select and masking, subtracting and adding to and from selections, quick mask, layer masks, custom brushes, adjustment layers (nondestructive), clone tool

Photo Restoration – levels, curves, healing tools, content aware – photo correction

Book Cover or Album cover – Combining all the tools from photoshop and illustrator/Clipping masks.

Midterm Project:

For your midterm project Project please Album Re-design a book cover/or an album cover. You may also create an original design. Please consider how the story or the music influenced the choices you made. You may use both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Next week we will have a midterm critique. Each student will have approximately 5 minutes to present their work. Please make sure your openlab sites are updated.


dimension – 1:1, CMYK, 300 DPI, export as .png

When you upload your final cover please briefly describe your process and explain why you made certain aesthetic decisions.

The Magic in Photoshop … photo restoration ooh la la la

Last night we went over the spot healing, healing tool, patch tool, and the content aware tools. We also continued to explore adjustment layers. We also looked at customized brushes and replace color brush.

For Homework please find a an old, destroyed picture to restore. You may use content aware healing tool as well as adjustment layers. They are due next week.

Next week I will be having one on one midterm conferences with everyone. So please make sure your OPenlab e-portfolios are up to date. Let me know if you have any questions!

Moving on to Photoshop

Hello all,

I’m excited to be moving on to Photoshop but a little bit of housekeeping first.

Please have ALL your illustrator projects finished and uploaded to your Openlab sites by next Wednesday , 12 PM. I’ll be going through them. You are responsible for the Logo Project, the Silhouette Project and the Business Card.

You are expected to come to class at 6PM and to stay there for the duration of the class. Participation is part of your grade and will affect your attendance. This means a requirement for the class is to give others feedback, share your work and ask questions. Together we are stronger and smarter.

There is a lab component to the class but you are also required to do approximately 2 hours of homework week. Midterms Critiques are coming up so please stay on top of the projects.

OK! Photoshop …

Last night we went over many things. They include resolution, image mining, selecting with multiple tools, adding and subtracting from selections, select and masking tab, quick masks, and briefly layer masks and adjustment layers. If you google any of the above topics you should be able to find tutorials etc.

Here is a link to Adjustment layers: Brightness Contrast, Levels and Curves.


Please create three images: Specs: 10″ x 12′”/300 DPI/RGB

1) Scale – combine at least 2 images that play with scale (Think giant puppy)

2) Time Machine – Combine at least 2 images that integrate different times (Think Neanderthals on Iphones)

3) Hyper Realism – Combine at least 2 images to create an image that look “realistic” but could never exist. (Think Mermaids and Centaurs)

As stated before you expected to do 2 hours of work at home. We will have some time in class to troubleshoot and look at work in progress before moving on.

Text Text Text and a few Design Principles

Visual-design principles inform us how design elements such as line, shape, color, grid, or space go together to create well-rounded and thoughtful visuals.

  1. Scale
  2. Visual hierarchy
  3. Balance
  4. Contrast
  5. Gestalt

Nielsen Norman Group produced a useful guide

Homework: Make a business card that reflects above mentioned design principles. (Front and back)

specs: 3.5″ X 2″



Moving on to Silhouettes, and the art of the Vector tool

Today we will be practicing various common vector workflows and best practice, as we explore the vector aesthetic.

In addition to mastering vector drawing with the pen tool (curves and angles) we will also look at color information, RGB, CMYK, swatches, libraries, gradient, transparencies and work with layers.

Project – Vector Silhouettes


  • CMYK
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • export as PNG

For this assignment you will be using layers and the pen tool please to trace a dynamic image of an athlete, gymnast, dancer etc. Your workflow should include at a minimum of 3 layers.

  • Choose an image to trace carefully. The body should have clear negative and positive areas.
  • Create at least three layers and “place” your downloaded image into your 2nd layer and lock it.
  • Begin tracing with the pen tool in the 3rd layer. You need to trace the whole form with one path and join it at the end.
  • Once you are happy with the results add at least two other layers for additional vector drawing such as a ball, the court and any other stylistic markings.

Illustrator DEMOS:

Pen Tool

Silhouette tutorial