In this semester as a reader, writer and scholar I learned lots of things. As a reader I found some interesting ways to read things which made me excited and gave me pleasure. First of all, I hated to read anything because I thought it made me bored and felt sleepy. Also it takes so much time. But now I fixed my schedule for reading like if I read everyday for half an hour then I know about lots of new words, new information and it is very helpful for me. Also as a writer I learned lots of new things like I never write any annotated bibliography and a genre. It was my first time doing those two things. This class teaches me how to write these two things. Writing is the most important thing in this class. So, this class was helping me to develop my writing. In the beginning of the semester I used to hate English classes because all English classes give us lots of reading and writing things. Also English is my second language and I’m not fluent with this language. That thing bothers me a lot. Before the beginning of the semester I have lots of negative thoughts about this class. But honestly, this class proved me wrong. I really appreciate this class. This class was helping me to develop my reading and writing. As a second language of English, I’m not good at reading and writing. I have problems with grammar, sentence structures and vocabulary words in my writing. But this class helped me to develop my grammar, sentence structures and vocabulary words for my writing. Every week, this gave us two assignments which were really helpful for me to practice writing. Also it gave us lots of new, different and interesting topics for writing. And it gave me interest in reading and it is the way I learned lots of new things. It taught me how to make connections with one text to another text which also developed my writing. Also it gave me different types of topics to explain my thoughts about those. Different topics gave me different ideas for writing and thinking. Reading is a way to know many ideas about those topics and develop my writing and thinking. Before the beginning of the class, I didn’t like to read so I didn’t get lots of ideas in writing and my thoughts were not developed. But now I feel like I improved my writing, reading and thinking compared to before. I also learned from this class about research information about topics and opinions about those things. Also feedback was really helpful for me to fix the problem. Revising assignments improved and reviewed my thoughts and gave me some new ideas about any kind of topic. I think this class was not challenging for me because the professor gave us every information clearly and explained everything in an easy way. My challenging part was reading and I overcame that because the professor gave us lots of reading stuff and it pushed me to do it. I expected to learn some new things about writing and I learned it like research topics, make connections, write in genre, annotated bibliography. I really feel good and stress free about this class because it didn’t give us lots of pressure. Learning things is very helpful to develop all skills. Now I have learned to share my experiences about this class. I would like to advise students taking this course next semester is really helpful to develop our reading, writing and other skills.