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The audience that my research would benefit are the Immigrants and African American communities. This information would be most important to get to this audience first because they are the ones being directly affected by the actions of these racist presidents. Years of oppression and making life harder were added on by these dictators that didn’t care for the lives of all Americans equally. They might be concerned heavily with this subject and need to hear about this research because they are the ones who were affected directly and their communities were put to shame and looked down upon from the white supremacists. The point of this information going straight to these people is to first inform the people directly affected because we have the majority and there is strength in numbers. There are more mixed and immigrant people here in the United States then there are pure white people so discrimination when most people are mixed should be a thing anymore. However, white supremacy somehow still stands so its up to us to lead the final push by gathering an army so vast they cannot say no to us. This information is also important to get to these people to stop the hysteria surrounding these issues within these own communities. There was a large amount of hysteria created by the media that a lot of people still havent been educated about. These issues need to come to light within these communities first so that they can stand strongly and proudly for a fight that we have more hope to believe in. And Finally, this information is useful to this audience because its information that can get a generation of misrepresented Americans who are suffering, out of prisons and given their right to vote again. By spreading hysteria and locking away generations of innocent, Mixed Americans, they have been trying to maintain their White Supremacy Rule they have under President Trump’s rule right now.

                 Our purpose in sharing our research to this audience is to inform and correct a large moving hysteria that had been affecting our country for several years. And secondly, to spark a movement that could potentially change the world for the better and right many past wrongs and injustices that are still going on in our country today. The genre I believe would best suit this situation would be a speech. A great powerful speech is a tool that has proven effective many times in the past at rallying and informing the public in an effort to shift the balance of injustices. A speech from the right people of these community can move mountains and sway a lot of people’s public opinion on these issues and correct a lot of hysteria. Traits specific to speeches are they are in person and live meaning there is usually one or a group of people who will come up to a microphone and voice their opinion and create a powerful speech; think Dr. Martin King Jr.’s famous, “I had a Dream”, speech. Speeches can be extremely effective at changing a lot of people’s opinions and sparking a fire in the hearts of a lot of people. A great speech will leave many people talking about it and hungry to make a change in this polluted world.



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    Received. Please get Writing in a New Genre: Part 2 in as soon as possible, but no later than Wed. 12/16. (It was due on Friday, but I am accepting late submissions through Wed.).

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