Prof. Miller| ENG 1101 - OL62 | Fall 2020

Week 15 and 16: Writing in a New Genre Part Two

Kevin Ramon Barrera 


November 30, 2020 

Now, to be fair, I wasn’t expecting all of you to show up, not at all, in fact, I expected nobody except family and friends to show up for emotional support, but clearly there are those that are interested in making a great impact in the world. For those that just came, this is a talk about the past, the now and the change that is yet to come to our lives. So, where did all this begin? A couple of years ago, I lived in New Jersey, with my aunt, uncle and my cousins, went to a middle school like any other student did. Months passed, nothing much was happening, then all of a sudden I came across a specific assignment, the so called Google Passion Project. This project consisted of gathering our most passionate dreams, my dream being the mind, or neuroscience if you will. The base form of the project consisted of explaining various articles, such as the researcher Dmitry Itskov, who in 2015 proposed the project of ,in my head of course,  “nanotechnology transcendence”, which consisted of going into different phases of change, first being putting a brain into an artificial body, then a digital avatar to make up the person’s consciousness, followed by the transfer of the full download of a person’s mind, ending with a hologram of a person, becoming in essence pure energy. It seems very complicated and rather scary to people, but if this is the way a person can live on for years, me in middle school not having  any consensus nor any fear of the idea,  which was odd for someone my age at the time. Needless to say, I made a good presentation, the principal of the school liked it, and the assistant principal enjoyed it as well, so it was a successful concept presentation. But the idea kept looming, and it made me think, what is the secret to living forever, easy, it is our minds, the consciousness itself, the secret to living forever really is to find the way of transferring it.     

At the moment, as I stand in front of you my dear crowd of the afternoon, I have the idea, to propose an investment in a project so large, so drastic, so important to the evolution of our kind, a project to unite the greatest minds of our country to find a way to absorb the human consciousness, as an individual AI. Years from now, the greatest minds will not need to be restricted by the bodies they possess, but have a vast space to use their minds. From then on, this would be available for anyone, as no one should ever be restricted by the fear of death, now they can live on, to see change longer, be witnesses of a great future that without this project they could have never seen. Thank you to all the investors present that are going to make this possible, and I cannot wait to work with these people, and if I never see this crowd, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. Thank you all.

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