When creating a new product

When creating your new product ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What does your product do?
  2. Why should anyone care?
  3. Who will use your product?
  4. What makes your product unique?
  5. What customer problem does your product solve?

7 thoughts on “When creating a new product

  1. Shemaiah Smith

    1) My product assist the user in getting the exact item that they see online.
    2) People will care about this because it will save time on returning items and they won’t have to stand on
    long lines.
    3) Everyone that use online shopping.
    4) The unique thing about my product is the interaction the user get when he/she take a selfie to see how
    the clothing look on them.
    5) The problem that my product solve for the customer is that it guarantee the user the same look and fit as
    they see online.

    Description of the my Product

    My app is a shopping app that have an unique feature that allow the user to see how they look in the merchandise as well as answer any question about the items. This is achieved through the user taking a selfie of themselves and selecting the clothing that they want to see on them. If the user is still not satisfied with how it look on them in the photo. They can face time a representative which would be ready to answer any question the user may have about the clothing they selected. This app will make online shopper more comfortable because they are guarantee to get what they see.

  2. Gabriel Flores

    COMD 3562
    UX-UI Final Project
    Prof. Jerron Smith

    New App product development assignment

    App Category: Food and Drinks

    What does the product do?

    This App focuses on:

    – Tracks Craft Beers you like in an unlimited number of markets
    – Makes personalized recommendations based on the user preferences
    – Announces craft beer events near the App user
    – Connect with friends that have the same taste for Craft Beers (Social Media Style)
    – Let the user rate and make comments and recommendations
    – Let users feed the Craft Beer database with new Craft Beer discover by the user
    – Informs about specific Beers and Brewers
    – Recommendation System based on geographical origin, style, rarity
    – Crates a collection of craft beers the user likes
    – Shows the Brew process. Database of Beer recipes
    – Discriminates between Craft Beer served in Tap and the ones in Bottle, Cans or both
    – Shows and identifies locals, bars, restaurants, etc. where Craft Beers are served and sold, including the Brewers locations
    – Checks brands to identify Craft Beer marketed as craft beers by big corporation to keep authenticity

    Why should anyone care?

    The craft beer boom is showing no signs of slowing down. A new report from the Brewers Association, the trade group of craft brewers, shows production volume is up 16% this year – and the number of craft breweries has increased by nearly 700 since the middle of 2014.
    The statistical confirmation of the continued consumer excitement about craft beer comes in tandem with a separate report from The Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association that highlights the overall impact of beer on the national economy.
    “Industry growth is occurring in all regions and stemming from a mix of sources including various retail settings and a variety of unique brewery business models,” said Bart Watson, chief economist of the Brewers Association.
    “Beer is more than our nation’s favorite adult drink – it is a powerhouse in job creation, commercial activity, and tax revenue.” said Jim McGreevy, president, and CEO of the Beer Institute.

    Who will use your product?

    Purchasers of Craft Beers identify with brands that are independent and local. Individual identity is more fluid and flexible than ever before and consequently, values have become a more critical means for consumers to connect with brands. Demographic of Craft Beer consumers is mostly highly individualized and independent, America’s young adults have both the group-conscience to want to change the world for the better and the self-assuredness to believe they know how to do it.
    – Craft beer lovers that want to find the next hoppy discovery
    – Self-identify as ‘craft beer’ appreciators.
    – White-millennial people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, but the App has an information feature that is design to break this pattern and diversify the consumer profile.
    – Sub-Urban Craft Beer drinkers reflect with a particular preference for local, environmentally sustainable products, and while these beverages may cost a little more, they’re affordable luxuries that reflect this generation’s idea of sophistication and education.


    ” The millennial generation is happy to pay a bit more to drink something they believe is special to shift the whole market upscale.
    ” They are eager to continue to explore new craft offerings.
    ” Craft drinker knows more about what they drink than none craft drinkers, according to surveys by market research firm IBISWorld.
    ” Per-capita consumption of beer is higher among 21- to 35-year-olds than other age groups.
    ” This age group is expected to account for more than 32 percent of craft beer sales in 2015, according to IBISWorld analysts.”

    What makes your product unique?

    ” Stable and Fast
    ” It will be free
    ” Easy to use
    ” It will have series of short-direct videos showing how easy is to use the App
    ” Connects to different Social Media
    ” Low battery consumption
    ” Connects via Bluetooth to other devices to share files
    ” It has a chat feature: quick, instant conversation with other Craft Beer App users and friends
    ” Concentrate features of other Apps in the market in one App
    ” Creates more inspiring experience than using websites and search engines
    ” It adjusts to slow data speed
    ” Pushes fast information to users
    ” The Check feature in the App uses the official definition issued by the Brewers Association, a Boulder-based trade group representing craft brewers, which defines a craft brewer as “small, independent, and traditional.” This is important for real Craft Beer enthusiasts.
    ” It connects to hundreds of specialized ad networks using websites like Jampp.com this is crucial since iTunes store, App rankings, are based on install velocity. To rank high an App must generate a lot of installs in a short amount of time.
    ” The App incorporates a Built In-Virality. A viral mechanism into the core functionality of the app, so each user that enjoys the app can potentially attract a network of users. Meaning that the App is better and more engaging when users invite friends to use it.
    ” There is a secure budget for App promotions with introductory special bites to attract App first batch of users to test metrics and understand the real value of each user before continuing with more systematic campaigns. This is vital for the App success.
    ” It has tracking tools to measure what happens inside the App (what are people clicking and using), to improve App functionality and success

    What customer problem does your product solve?

    ” Tells users, and travelers, the location of establishments that sells local and authentic Craft Beers in urban and suburban areas.
    ” Educate consumers about Craft Beer
    ” Guide users, to want to create a craft beer, or want to establish a Craft Beer business
    ” Ranks the quality of Craft Beers
    ” Connects Craft Beer drinkers letting them to share their experiences
    ” Informs users about Craft Beer festivals, events, conferences, and news
    ” Increment interest among more diversity consumers spreading information, advantages, and benefits of drinking Craft Beers
    ” Keeps users informed about fraudulent Craft Beer big-brewer ownership. Craft Beer users want to drink more artisanal beers than Craft Beers own by big brewers. Beer lovers have the right to know when they have a beer in their hand if they’re drinking a beer from a large global brewery or a real local and authentic Craft Beer

    Gabriel Flores

  3. Angelica Yip

    Angelica Yip
    Professor Jerron Smith
    COMD 3562- UI/UX
    February 20, 2018

    #14 Photography & Videography

    1. What does your product do?
    My product has to do with Photography and Videography combined in one app. In this app you get to take or edit pictures and videos in one app with extensive editing tools just choose what you want to start with first. After doing your edits you have an option to combine both photos and videos together or just create a slide show. If you are choosing to shoot a video or take an image with this app you have some tools to help you get the perfect or close to perfect shot.
    2. Why should anyone care?
    After doing some research, there are not many apps that gives you access to professional tools to help perfect your photos and videos seamlessly.
    3. Who will use your product?
    The people who will use this app is for people to like to amplified their photos before uploading to their social media platform, and people who would like to be creative by putting together a killer video with easy to use tools.
    4. What makes your product unique?
    Wide variety to filters, edit tools to perfect your photos or video edits, easy to share on multiple social media platforms in HD
    5. What customer problem does your product solve?
    Simple to use tools, save edits automatically just in case you close the app or want to finish later, saves previous edit tools you chose to have the next image or video edits, and has 24/7 customer service.

  4. Richard

    Richard Palacios
    Topics – Games
    What does your product do?
    This product will be a directory to help people have different ways to play different games, games can be categorized by card games, interactive, drinking games, and many more. People can add comments in a message board for each game and can offer variations to games comments and another helpful way to.
    Why should anyone care?
    People should care because it can provide people a way of support when in need for a good game to play at home or even in a classroom, can be used as a resource to have icebreakers for team building and is all in one place.
    Who will use your product?
    Corporations/nonprofits (team building / get to know you games )
    What makes your product unique?
    This is a unique product because its a simple directory for everyday games that might otherwise not be played, people will share their variations and twist that most people make can be posted, like, and share suggestions and post.
    What customer problem does your product solve?

  5. Humaira Adiba

    Homaira Abeda

    1.What does your product do?
    Product: It’s a app for business traveler who wants to gain more experience about our world. This app lets to decide which airline is convenient for you and which hotel is easier for you to stay and what type of offer you will get on which hotel along with foods. It also gives you the option to see the reviews on those hotel. It also has Uber option. If you want to travel from one place to another this app lets u get on Uber within a good range.
    2.Why should anyone care?
    People who loves travelling while doing their business and giving their clients good impression on them, for marketing company or any other companies who will want to invest on places to stay there and understand the environment of the place while staying there.
    3.Who will use your product?
    People who will use these product are Business man and women, travelers who likes to travel along with doing business, entrepreneur, Companies for investment, Travel agencies, International companies who wants to hold meetings or conference.
    4.What makes your product unique?
    This product is unique because it’s a three in one where you can just book your ticket and it offers you the hotels that are close by to the destination you want and the foods that will be within the hotel. It will also have Uber for your own so you don’t have to struggle much with language for riding one place to another.
    5.What customer problem does your product solve?
    It solves the problem of having to do too much work for a short trip. Looking for flight and hotels then also food. Instead of looking into many places for hotel pr food, this app will be easier to use because it will give the options for staying in hotel and also the food around there.

  6. Natalya Frenkel

    1. What does your product do?
    My product deals with an online version of comic books and an interactive chat room with friends and other users who are interesting in discussing comics or sharing their own personal comic stories they’ve created. There is an option to become a member, which gives the user to a much bigger selection of online comic books, including great deals on appeal; clothes, kitchen goods, etc. There will also be parental control which allows parents to block posting and chatting and only reading really good comics, therefore their kids can enjoy the app and a good read.
    2. Why should anyone care?
    After doing some research and looking into different apps, there seems to not be an app made just for comic books fans who just want to chat away with their friends or random people all over the world. This also includes reading comics or creating your own and sharing them. Most Social Media apps, is about posting stuff; photos, videos, things you’re doing but what if we can have an app which only interacts with creativity using Comics?

    3. Who will use your product?
    Age group would have to be 18 and older, not all comics are for young kids that’s why there will be a parental control option just for kids to read. This app is for people who not only enjoy a good read but also who enjoy creating and having discussions about the latest trends when it comes to comics.

    4. What makes your product unique?
    The app is unique because the user will be able to create their own stories/ comics and their friends and a wide variety of people all over the world will be able to read or share them. This app gives people a chance to express their creative side.

    5. What customer problem does your product solve?
    Simple creating process for stories/ comics and reading their favorite comic books without the hassle of purchasing a physical book version.


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