12 questions for video. November 28th

1.) Who are you?

2.)What do you do right now in college or work?

3.)Why do you enjoy your work?

4.) What does majority of your stuff involve?

5.) What do you dislike the most in your field of choice?

6.) How did you get to where you are right now?

7.) What other choices of work did you have in mind?

8.) Outside of the field, what do you do?

9.) Is it important to be aware of what you do right now?

10.) When should people realize what they want to do?

11.) When did you realize what you wanted to do?

12.) Who helped you in life?

Cooper Hewitt

So one day…we went to the Cooper Hewitt museum near central park.  At the Cooper Hewitt, they had all kinds of art and designs made across different centuries such as the images shown below. Each floor represented somewhat a different “time” of design, getting more modern as we went up the floors. I liked how each design was so different for all kinds of various purposes, yet were all made in a similar period of time.


I liked the museum. It had a lot to offer and showed the rapid evolution of design and ideas.


These were interactive paper planes. The designer wanted all the planes to fly in a similar direction and coded a way to have them do so based on interaction.

This was an ivy wall. In the museum, they had these structures that people could have climbed. These structures looked similar to rock or surprisingly, bone marrow.

These were katagami maple leaf drawings from japan. the drawings were on fabric behind some kind of “gate” of wood. I would assume it would be part of a window or door.

To my surprise.. MARIO was here. The purpose of this was that Cooper Hewitt wanted to show the rapid evolution of graphical technology. Considering how long Mario has been going, the character would be an iconic example.

<!DOCTYPE html>


<h1>Digital design</h1>

<h2>Lab 1</h2>

<h3>By Sean Medina</h3>

<p>We are people who want to do things. In the world we live in, people have all sorts of amazing ideas, and made those ideas reality. Our goal is to be like those people. Every generation wants to have this greatness. The only problem is, not that many people know how to get there. That’s where other, like me, come in to play. Rather than just doing nothing, we learn how to become the person who has these ideas and can make them true. That is who we are. </p>

<p>So why are we here? What is it that  we are here for? Here’s something interesting. Everyone has different goals. People want to be different and do different things. Some want to be cooks, artists, website makers and what ever. What’s intriguing is what all they have in common…greatness. That’s why we’re here. There is this feeling of being amazing that you get from doing certain things. Everyone wants that feeling. It can be in any shape or form, but we strive and work to become this great person that gets that feeling of doing what they did that was awesome. </p>

<p> Now that some can look at it, getting greatness is almost like playing a video game. When you learn about this greatness everyone wants.. that’s when your at the games intro. Then you go and start learning about how the game works. In comparison, this is when you learn how to achieve greatness at what you want to do or be.  Once you start working to achieve your “mission”, it’s like your playing through the game’s levels. Finishing the game and going through the credits..that’s like when you achieved greatness at what you became.</p>