Journal Entry #2

Company: McCann Erickson
Job Title: Digital Design Intern
Supervisor: Maryam Zafar, Head Corporate Creative Director of McCann Worldgroup

The way which I was selected for this internship was a combination of sheer luck and networking. It began at school, I was taking a course called “Topics in Graphic Design” which was mainly focused around dealing with real-world experiences as a graphic designer and how to go about obtaining work. Once the semester had ended, my professor approached me to inquire if I would be interested in an internship at an advertising agency. I jumped at the opportunity since this would be my first real job as a designer, although I knew that my resume and portfolio were lacking. I knew my best chance at being hired would be to get an interview and let my personality shine. After a back and fourth correspondence which lasted about 3 weeks, an interview was arranged by the HR department between myself and the Corporate Creative Director of McCann Worldgroup.

The interview process was very formal, however I still wore my best suit and tie. We sat in a quite corner and I was asked a series of questions about my interests and my past work experience. I showed several examples from my portfolio and did my best to clearly explain the thought processes behind each example. At the end of the interview I was told I could expect to get a phone call in the very near future and that I was hired for the position. Later in time I was told that my boss knew immediately after meeting me that I was someone who she could work with. The fact that my interview went so well is why I believe I was chosen over others who were much more qualified.

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