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(c) 2015 Siobh√°n Lynch
(c) 2015, March 2, Siobhán Lynch

March 2, 2015, by Siobhan Lynch


My name is Siobhan Lynch and I am an artist currently attending The New York City College of Technology majoring in Communication Design.

I’ve been drawing since I was in 5th grade and I used to¬†write comics.¬† One of my most favorite things to do is draw my cats.¬† I have numerous comics about their antics and I’ve always loved their curious nature.¬† Once when I was painting and one of my cats attacked my brush, giving me the idea for this logos design.

Originally, I wanted to become an animator but once I started college, I began to become more interested¬† in graphic design.¬† I plan to get an associates in communication design and then go to FIT possibly, to study animation or further study graphic design.¬† I mostly would like to focus in motion graphic when it comes to communication design.¬† I find it rather enjoyable to see my creations move across the screen or a successfully persuasive slide show move people during the presentation.¬† I’ve always been able to visualize motions and even made animatic’s¬†as a kid.¬† But high school is when I became¬† more interested in communication design, because I went to a specialized school for artists.