Center For the Arts at College of Staten Island

Stage Technician

  • General run crew of in-house theaters, working with both student and professional productions
  • Work with single purchase counterweight system
  • Load in and out  scenery pieces
  • Follow Spot

Partners In Sound Production 

Production Team

  • Load-in and out of lighting and sound equipment
  • Zaps
  • Set up and wiring of lighting and sound equipment

New York City College of Technology

Scenic Build Crew/Scenic Run Crew of the show Dylan (Spring 2013)

  • Part of the scenic build crew. Building flats, stairs, installation of molding. assembly of turntable
  • Stage Carpenter
  • Play mentioned in Lighting and Sound America (July 2013, Pg. 32)
  • Worked with turn table stage, and moving scenery
  • Part of scenic build crew. Assembly of raked stage and moving scenery
  • Stage Carpenter
  • Play featured in New York Times Editors Pick
  • Worked with moving scenery

Scenic Build Crew/Scenic Run Crew of the show Service Road (Winter 2013)

Crew Head of Scenery in Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel (Fall 2013)

  • Head of scenery crew
  • Leader of a 10 member crew
  • In charge of reconstruction all room scenery in hotel
  • Led daily checks for any damage on set pieces during show runs
  • Charged with taking apart and storage of all scenery pieces
  • Wrote up paperwork covering storage details of all set pieces