The Problem:

In this project we were the project management team at a commercial sandwich shop, Hudson Sandwich Studios. We were then given the order of a PB&J sandwich that had to be made for the new upcoming show PBJ-2K. On the day of the load-in we had to have with us; all materials ready to be packed in the truck, list of directions for the local crew to makes the sandwich, and any construction drawings you might have made. Our budget was $20.

The Approach:

After going over all the designer research and group discussion my group and I decided that our best approach would be straight forward, listing the basic instructions and doing some basic drafting based off that. Afterwards we went further into detail based on designer research and questions asked.  After more refinment and questions we got closser and closser to our final set-up.

Problems Encountered:

One of the main hurdels with this problem was with its believed simplestity. Because it was something that people had done over and over again in there daily lives we tended to look over the little details. Something you assumed that was well know could be completely forgoten by another. My group and I went through a couple of sets of directions seeing if there was something that we would miss by accident. In the end I think we came up with a good list of instructions that the local crew was able to follow without any problems or misscumincation.

Real World Application And What I Learned:

The main thing that I learned from this project was the importance of clear and detailed directions. While one person can assumed that a step will just be automatically added, another can do something a different way and therefor completey miss what the other assumed. But along with this I learned how you can not go over into too much deatail and over complitcate a procces you need done. By adding too much detail a persone can get lost in what they have done and what comes next. We saw an example of both of these problems when all groups did there final presentation. One way to overcome these problems is too take the extra time and go over your instructions carefully. Ask yourself if someone didnt know anything could they get this done. If you can, get someone else to look them over. This can help fight against clutter instructions, or too bare bone instructions.


Here is the link to the OpenLab page that gives an overview of our class disscusion of the problem.