What I Learned from the First Project

When I began to do my first project: black paper cutouts, professor told us to use the knowledge geometric and organic shapes and the figure ground relationship. Firstly, I designed my mock-up at a piece of paper with pencil. I find that it was easy to learn the definition of an art work, but it is difficult to use that, so practicing is very necessary. Before I thought cutting a 4 by 4 inches square was very easy, but I totally was wrong. I wasted my two pieces of Bristol, when I practiced how to cut a better square. Therefore, I learn that nothing is easy but practice makes perfect.

Before I did my inked project, I did the design on AI. I used one of on my pattern to create a composition at class, but I did not really satisfied with that, so I went home to design another more simple composition. I learned that less is more from this project.

Then I used marker to color my composition. Some of the pattern did not look good, because finally I had no patient.I found that I had to be very patient to finish my project.

I must give some commend about these three projects with tracing paper. I learn that an designer must check his or her design first when they want to send to the clients.

After all this is a very funny experience that I really enjoyed and learned a lot.

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