Internship: Post 9

For this days work at our internship we were asked to film for a tik tok talking about balancing career and work life. We were given a script and asked to come together as a group in a location to film for the script provided. We collectively chose to film at City tech as we know what locations would be best for each shot. We pretended to work while one person filmed us. It was the first time we all got together to film or work on anything for our internship. I enjoyed the time together as it was fun to act together. In the end we had a lot of what basically seemed like stock footage which we then uploaded to a file to be reviewed.

Internship: Journal post 8

this week we continued an assignment given to us a while back called the factsheet. Brooklyn college has sheets of facts that needs to be updated annually and this week I completed one of the pages seen below. The task was to replace the previous information and replace them with updated 2022 data. In addition I was asked to make some design changes of turning the previous fact sheet containing three columns into two.



Internship: app review – Procreate

For this app review I wanted to test out an art based application. This time it’s an application called procreate on ios. This is a paid application of $9.99. The app is basically a digital piece of paper designed for artist to draw and create digitally. Upon first impressions it was very user friendly in terms of simplicity and easy to navigate. There are plenty of options to create on page size wise. Once the page was selected there are dozens upon dozens of different types of brushes to be used. From calligraphy, sprays, brushes and pencils. These brushes are all meant to imitate the actual writing tool. The home page is a hub gallery of all the work  made. Exporting is fairly simple and easy to understand. With the ability to export as various files is very convenient. Overall im a big fan of how easy and fun it is to create digital work. 5/5 stars.

Procreate 5 Review: A Rebuilt Graphics Engine Drives Fantastic Animation,  Color, and Brush Tools in an Art App Perfectly Tailored to the iPad -  MacStories

Internship: app review – Miro

The the design app I will be reviewing today is called Miro. Miro is a visual collaboration white board. It can be used for group projects as it acts as a digital white board allowing access to all members to text, insert images and collaborate all in one space. To test the application I wanted to first use the application myself to explore the functionalities and how user friendly it truly is. Upon first impressions it seems to be very straight forward relatively simple with clear visual icons for text and insertion of images if needed. After getting the lay of the land for myself I decided to asked a couple of friends to join me so I can immerse group functionalities. At the start everything seemed to be going well but after a while when everyone started to add their own text and images it became a bit cluttered and hard to tell who was who. The program color coats and highlights each individuals name to allow tracking, but with so much going on it can get difficult if not organized. Additionally the program became a bit slow as things piled on. Overall I thing the concept of having a digital whiteboard in our time of all things technology is great, but there could definitely be ways of including a more smooth user experience. Such as possibly having different work rooms. I would rate the application 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Miro Boards for Virtual Collaborations · CITLS · Lafayette College

Internship: Movie Review

This evening we saw the film UFO club directed by Steven Tsapelas. Additionally City Techs very own Michael Cannetti as a producer and editor. This movie takes pace in 1998 which includes the cast of high schoolers and the main character William who is obsessed with aliens and retrieving a vhs with ufo evidence to prove innocence of a dr. within the alien community. The movie was very much a slow pace throughout the film from the begging to the end. It hits on points where intended such as the comedy and the romance. The cast did a great job at portraying high schoolers and the 90’s feel. The film was a bit longer for me and found myself dozing off from time to time but in the end I enjoyed the film. After the film previewed a few members of the cast and crew sat on stage for a Q&A. They spoke about their experience booking the part and the difficulties filming with a tight schedule of roughly a week. They all seemed to have enjoyed their time making the film which makes the picture that much stronger.

UFO Club (2022) - IMDb

Internship: Journal Post 7

This week our advisor/ director Isana wanted us to work together on tik toks promoting graduating early utilizing clips that has been previously been recorded by past students. Some of the clips include a student spinning a globe, traveling on the subway and NY sceneries. As we progressed we ran into a bit of trouble as the quality of the videos have been very low. Due to the low quality importing the video to be edited on tiktok wouldn’t be visually appealing.  Additionally incorporating the text was difficult as it was distracting but necessary for the tiktok to make sense.

Internship: Networking 3

I recently stumbled upon an online webinar networking event titled “Forging meaningful community collaborations through public art” hosted by Kristi Oliver of the website Davis. This was very much a presentation and panel style webinar. The host would regulate all comments and questions. During this webinar there were 3 speakers Alice Mizrachi, Lady Pink, Janette Beckman who spoke about their communities and integrating art that represents not only where they’re from but the culture of the people. As for attendees and connecting with one another, there wasn’t an attendee counter or the ability to connect to others. It was very much regulated only for the speaker to present. My take away and what i’ve learned from this webinar was that people within ethnic communities such as hispanic and asian look up to and resonate with those who are representing of them within the various aspects of media.

Art by Alice Mizrachi in Brookyn 

Assignment and Response: Ethics

Continuing the discussion on ethics with the field of arts, we are faced with the dilemma of is ethical advertising good for business. If this question was asked to me 5 years ago I would probably go against the idea, but assessing our current state in society I found my self siding with the idea that ethics in the advertising industry is great for business. The reason why is due to this new generation of teens an adults wanting to see the uncut unfiltered side of brands and companies. Everyone is shifting to the idea of self love and body image acceptance that companies want their customers to resonate what they are promoting and selling.

Internship: Journal Post 6

This Week in our internship class we were tasked to come up with tik tok ideas for Brooklyn college. Some of the ideas such as when is the best time to sign up for classes, how to use the resources within the school. Additionally we were asked to recreate a document within “word”titled the one pager. There is a one page document the needed to be recreated into word for easy access for change. The challenging part of this was to recreate the designs because its not as design friendly as suspected. As designers we tend to use indesign which allows easy creation to text and design. But due to the fact that not everyone can edit or has the knowledge of using Indesign, we must recreate the doc in word.