Documentation Process

Our group proposal asked how sleep and healthier sleeping habits can lead to physical and mental wellness. We examined both CityTech library databases and reputable websites, such as Web MD to find research on documentation on sleep behaviors and disorders. Another website that was examined was the National Sleep foundation website which had great tips for improving sleep and the causes of common sleep disorders. The information on these websites was relevant to our research topic, and they were useful tools in identifying sleep remedies both natural alternatives as well as prescribed medication. We examined how natural remedies can provide safe, non additive alternatives to improving sleep. The importance of sleep cycles and their effect on our circadian rhythm was examined by our group. We explored alternate treatments for sleep disorders. And we examined how melatonin, music therapy, hypnosis and acupuncture are safe ways for people who experience sleep deprivation can improve their sleeping habits and ultimately improve their health. Finally, we examined some common sleeping disorders, and provided information for identifying these common disorders. This process of research is one that requires time and effort to find academic sources and websites. Websites that were examined had experts in their field, usually a doctor or a health professional who has done research on the subject of sleep disorder.

Group Members: Colin Alli, Manolo Rosa, Anthony Amen, Alejandro Montalvo