Why proper sleep is extremely important?

Our bodies require proper charge after our overall energy has been depleted, no matter if its at night or during the day, we can get sleepy. Just like if we get anxious and annoyed that our smartphones is 10% to 5% away from being turned off and there is not charger in sight, our brain gets sorta anxious and annoyed. What does the affect of lack of sleep in the long term?

  • Worse health.
  • More pain.
  • Higher risk of injury.
  • Poor mood.
  • Out of control weight.
  • Cloudy or forgetful thinking.

In this guide we will provide information about of what would be considered better sleep, types of health issues with lack of sleep, short term remedies that could help boost proper sleep, and then finally the different sleep cycles that you can choose based on your comfort.


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