SHivonne Khan Life in the Day Video

Here is my Life in the day video.

When I first created this video, I was bit nervous because I am not much of a camera person. However, I did have a lot of fun doing it, because I can get to show what I do during my free time and other stuff. For the video I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to do a lot of editing, because. oh man, there were some parts that needed to be scrapped. For instance, like unexpected pop-ups.

For the parts that contained me, it took me so many attempts for me to get the intro to its best poise. The part with the tablet was kind of a hassle too, because it took me much more attempts to say the correct model name for my tablet I use for all of my current digital artworks. Overall, making this video is an exhilarating experience, despite the hindrances that might have ticked me off a little i.e. Being nervous on camera. I hope you enjoy the video.