Shivonne Khan Biography

My name is Shivonne Khan, and my major for City Tech is Communication Design. I decided to go for the Communication Design major, because they provided courses that will benefit me to become an animator. In my free time, I will always draw a few pages of some of my comic books I have been working on, play a few video games, draw other random pictures and listening to music (mainly pop, R&B and alternative tracks). After graduating from college, I want to do plenty of freelance graphic design jobs so I can build the funds to start my first animated TV Series. What inspired me to start my own animation is that I watch plenty of the anime that has excellent art styles, characters and storyline so I wanted to create one in the future so everyone will have an anime series to remember about.

I mainly draw anime characters and realistic portraits but I am capable of creating other art pieces like landscapes, paintings etc. Being an animator seems challenging but I think it will be an awarding experience to me, because I will actually get to see my story be alive and animated with the help of many other people I will collaborate in the future.