My Visually Enhanced Quotes

For my visual enhanced quote pieces, I have created digital art using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (mostly Photoshop). I have depicted my characters creating art using various mediums such as paints, air paints and pencils. The backgrounds in the visually enhanced quotes are very vivid and colorful in nature to complement the overall meaning of my quote “Let your creativity and imagination bleed through your canvas as you make a vivid artpiece!” The first visually enhanced quote has a lady creating a colorful portrait of a blue-skinned lady depicting how unlimited her imagination can be. The second one shows a man spraying spray paint on the walls to create a lily, a winter landscape, etc. to show that paper is not the only surface you can create your creative works. Lastly, the third visual quote has another female character drawing on her sketchpad. Although it is not shown due to how her sketchbook is positioned, we can assume she’s creating quite a masterpiece because the colorful stars background depicts her imaginative ideas as she lets them place on her book.  The font I used on all of them is Helvetica; the font is utilized to add a bit more of a clean and simple aesthetic to go well with the otherwise vivid digital art pieces created by me. These quotes gives all of us a message that you should let your mind and heart guide you to make pieces that are creative and elaborate in detail as your imagination is very unlimited.