Internship Reflection

Entry 17

On my first day, I was terrified of appearing unknowledgeable and inadequate to Victor and the other designers, so I just took direction and avoided asking any questions that didn’t directly affect my work. However, after spending time in the office and getting into the groove of things, I realized that internships are supposed to be a learning experience, so nobody expected me to know everything. I started asking more questions and engaging in discussions related to the things I would be confused or concerned about, and I was able to pick up knowledge that I never would have been able to come across without asking any questions. Just the simple act of asking a question opened up the door to not only a better understanding of the work I was doing, but also the perspectives of people that come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences that lead them to this point. I initially didn’t know how to interact with the other designers in the office or even the other intern, so the first day or two I kept mostly to myself. After another day at work passed, however, I reached out to my co-intern & began keeping regular contact with him. Connecting and being able to discuss our assignments helped me feel less alone, and in retrospect it was one of the best decisions I made during my internship. Connecting with him was a great way to help me stay on track in both my job and in my academics, and I believe that I gained a true friend out of the whole experience.