My first post

My second semester at the New York City College of Technology starts in two weeks. I am excited and looking forward to my 3D animation class. Over the summer I’ve been illustrating a whole lot. Most of my work I posted on Insta. Follow me on Instagram _boxlord

I’m always making self portraits. I usually try to depict an aspect of my personality. More often its a quality relating to my way of thinking or my uniqueness as a person.
Over the summer I familiarized myself with copic markers.  They’re beautiful and expensive alcohol based markers with ink reservoirs that flow like water color almost. I felt I needed to diversify my portfolio with traditional mediums instead of having all digital work.
The most dynamic thing I’ve drawn with copic markers so far.
More traditional work.
T-shirt Design for a friend
Character turnarounds for the protagonist of my graphic novel.
Portrait of my uncle who is a Vietnam veteran currently living in a VA hospital. I did this for his birthday. 3 hours Photoshop CC 2017