Budget Report

  • Sony Handycam – $0 ( Owned)
  • Sunpac tripod – $0 (Owned)
  • Wescott light w/ soft box – $170
  • Rhode shotgun mic – $100
  • Lavalier mic – $20
  • Zoom field recorder – $100
  • Rhode boom pole – $40
  • Aux cable extender – $10
  • Light stand – $40
  • SD card 32 gig – $20
  • Replacement lightbulbs x 2 – $10
  • Avid student subscription x 3 months – $30
    • Total – $540

Project Methods

For pre-production I will be writing my own questions for the interviewees, as well as creating a shot list. For shooting this documentary, I used a PJ670 Sony Handycam to record my footage. For lighting I used one Wescott soft box light. And for editing I used Avid Media Composer 8.5, I have a copy on my Macbook and will be using the school’s as well. While I am pretty unfamiliar with sound, I used a Rhode shotgun mic and a lavalier mic to record, this was one of my biggest challenges in both production and post production.

Project Description

During my time here at City Tech, I have learned a lot about video production and lighting, I have filmed a lot of content with my fellow classmates. My goal after graduation is to get a job in either video production, post production or lighting. I haven’t had much experience outside of school though, and I really want to put my skills to the test and produce my own content that I can be proud of. For my culmination project I will be filming a short 8:30 minute documentary about my old art teacher Jeffery K. Fisher, who passed away in 2014 and how his students took over his studio after his passing and now continuing his legacy and style of teaching. Jeffery K Fisher was a highly regarded illustrator who has done work for comic books, magazines, books you, etc. He was an inspiration to everyone who he taught or even came in contact with, and even though I no longer go to school for art, I have learned to apply his teachings and mindset to everything I do. By filming this I want anyone who watches it to know about his legacy and get inspired in what their passions are.  I believe that this project will really push me to do my best and I will learn new things in the process like editing sound in post-production which I really don’t have much experience with, lighting for a documentary shoot which I have never done before, and searching for archived footage to use in my finished version of the film. It will give me a feel for what it is like to direct, shoot and edit my own film and what it is like to work with people in the real world. When I am done with this project I expect to feel more confident in myself and my skills when applying for jobs after graduation.