Logo Research Paper

Please select a logo of a well-known company (NOT Apple or Nike or Starbucks or Mercedes -Benz or Coke) that you find particularly effective and investigate the history of this logo. Use the Apple article we reviewed in class and your homework readings as a guide to how to write about a logo’s evolution. Questions addressed in your report should be:

• The story behind the logo–what it means and how it represents the company’s products/brand

• Who designed the logo, what the thought process was in developing it, whether it in influenced other logos since it was created and how the images that surround that logo in advertising are intended to complement it. 

• Typeface and color changes should be noted and discussed. Ensure that you discuss each iteration of the logo as I want you as designers to pay attention to even minor shifts in typeface You should also note in your report where the logo is found–websites, print materials, products. and include photos of these in your report. 

• You must have visuals of the logo to accompany your text. If the logo has evolved, show more than one visual depicting this evolution with captions below each image. Use the article about the UCONN husky logo as a good guide for all the elements you should include in your report. 

• Be sure to provide at least 6 sources, in addition to the company’s site, for your information. Your works Cited page should follow in MLA style format and You should also provide photo credits for all your images. Be sure to use your own words in your text––see the description of plagiarism in your Student Handbook. This report should be submitted to me on Blackboard in the dropbox provided. We will go over drop box submission during our first class lab.

This report should be 2-3 pages long. Rubric for this report is in Blackboard and you can view it in My Grades.

Below is an example of you from a prior student who did well on this assignment.

Adidas Logo History Report

Design Research Paper

• Select a photographer, illustrator, creative director, visual artist or designer . If you are interested in an Illustrator, check out the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame page. if you are interested in designer check out the AIGA Medalists, if an art director, check out the Art Director Club Award page ADC Awards, and if a photographer, check out the International Center for Photography. Then, there is also the UCLA Masters Covers site which I showed you that had great designers. But the design publications I also provided under our Course resources page are always covering new emerging designers. Check those out as well.

• Research their life with regard to education, and background as it relates to their work

• Discuss the individual’s create process and any influences upon their work, from other artists or cultural movements, trends or fields

• If he/she has well-known clients or exhibits discuss those as well as any award his/she have garnered, etc.

• The paper must include images of the individual’s work and these images should be credited

• Both the draft and the final paper should be submitted on your OpenLab ePortfolio site

• You should have at least 8 sources for your paper and provide footnotes using MLA style using Easy Bib or Attribution in Block Editor

• The paper should be 4- 5 pages in length

The first draft paper of this paper is due on Week 10 of class. It will be revised during our class on Week 10 during lab and the second and final draft submitted on Week 12.

Models to Follow from past Students:

Michiyo Yasuda Research Paper


Note: The Herbert Bayer Bauhaus Research Report below has only 5 sources because that semester I only required 5 sources