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My Style and Influences

Ross O’Donovan a.k.a RubberNinja

Role: Animator

Specialties: Animation, Character Design

Ross O’Donovan is an animator well-known for working for the YouTube channels Game Grumps. He draws and animated a lot of monster girls, which is which is a theme that I have recently been trying out. I love how his characters are mostly curvy and they a drawn in almost like a  “pin up” style.


Remon a.k.a Remuchii

Role: Freelance Illustrator and Animator

Specialties: Character Design, Animation, Background Design

Remuchii’s style screams pastel goth and creepy cute. There are always bright colors in her work. What I love about her style is not only how she illustrates curvy characters, but how she displays body positivity for every body type. I believe  like we need body positivity to be shown more in the art industry.

These two are my main influencers because my style  consists of characters with different body types and a lot of bright colors. I would say that recently, my style is also consisting of a few monster girls as well. I feel like it’s a theme that I should touch on a little more because it’s interesting.



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