The following projects explore the understanding of elements of design within a fashion collection along with color theory including complementary colors, monochromatic colors, primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Elements of Design Fashion Show Critique

Students will exercise knowledge of the design element – tools and design principles. Using VogueRunway or WomenswearDaily choose a Spring 2021 designer runway presentation to observe and review. In the review, students will describe the fashion show and its merchandise. Use the appropriate jargon for each design element – tools, such as color, texture, proportion, direction, line, shape, size, sequence, and tension. Give examples of the design principles, such as unity and harmony, balance, repetition, rhythm, emphasis and contrast, or even surprise.

Visual Merchandising Final Project

Students will showcase professional development and Visual Merchandising knowledge during final examination. The final exam is requires students to create a Color Analysis Project. 

Color Wheel


Final Monochromatic Green

Final Monochromatic Brown

Final Nature Scene